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[1.2] One Day (2008-2010, 2013)
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Yamada Ryosuke & Chinen Yuri


Yamada x Chinen

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a little bit of angst, first love, sweet love, boys figuring themselves out, discovering their feelings about each other, growing up best friends, falling in love with their best friend, planning their coming of age ceremony, unrequited love



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2008-2010 Growing Up, 2013 Coming of Age Ceremony Planning Includes all HS7 members

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It was yet another late night after a concert, in a strange town, in a cold hotel room bed, and Yuri had climbed over into Ryosuke’s bed, nestling down in the covers there, not liking to feel alone, his voice soft in the darkness, “One day we will be able to do lots of things, won’t we?”

“Sure,” Ryosuke agree sleepily, “Lots of things, Chii-chan.”

“Like we can buy cars, and drive them, and we can buy our own houses, and all kinds of things.”


“Adults can do lots of things that kids can’t do…”

“That’s true,” Ryosuke murmured, rolling over to face the direction Yuri was laying, his body already turned toward Ryosuke’s.

“I think it’s exciting to think about it, I’ve never been to one of the ceremonies, have you?”

“Nope,” Ryosuke admitted.

“I think it’s probably perfect.”

“I guess,” Ryosuke yawned loudly.

“Are you excited?”

“For what?”

“To become an adult?”

“I guess so,” Ryosuke wasn’t entirely sure, he didn’t mind being young and letting other people handle all the boring details in reality, but maybe being an adult has some good points, he just hadn’t really considered it—though it was clear enough that Yuri had most certainly done so, “I will be glad to become an adult with you.”

Yuri smiled broadly, “Me, too.”

It didn’t take long for Ryosuke to drift off to sleep, and Yuri watched him carefully, his mind going through all of the thoughts about what his future might look like. How it might be the day they became adults, and maybe that would mean they could make their own choices—and maybe Ryosuke would feel the same as he did—finding it necessary to have him in his life.

Not yet sure what that meant, but positive that Ryosuke was as vital to his life as the air he breathed. Maybe he’d be the same to him one day.


I’ll pray hard for it. 

It seems to me that the prayers on that day—with so many voices, surely those prayers are heard loudest of all.

Yes, I’ll pray hard on that day that Yama-chan will feel the same way I do.

I don’t really know what it is, this feeling, but I just know I want him with me always.



“Yama-chan?” Yuri whispered, and Ryosuke rolled over, groaning, “What Chii-chan?”

“I had a bad dream,” he whispered, his voice wet with tears.

Ryosuke tried to open his eyes, the burning causing him to clench them shut, “C’mere.”

He shifted in the bed, scooting backward, lifting the cover so Yuri could climb in with him.

Yuri scooted over curling up into Ryosuke’s embrace, his arms wrapping around him, his hands stroking his back softly, “You’re okay, it wasn’t real.”

“It felt real,” Yuri shuddered, not willing to close his eyes out of fear he’d see the images again. Bodies broken and mangled, beyond recognition–but he’d survived the crash and no one else had. He knew who was who, and he knew who was next to him. He whimpered at the thought, pressing his face into Ryosuke’s chest.

“I’ve got you,” Ryosuke whispered softly, pulling his head against him with his hand, holding him there, “You’re okay, nothing can hurt you now.”

“O-okay,” Yuri whispered, trying to believe it. 

Ryosuke started to sing softly, a lullaby that Yuri knew from when he was very young, and he was surprised that Ryosuke remembered something like that, but his voice was like an angel in the room with him, bathing him in security and comfort, and somehow he felt himself drifting off to sleep, safe there in Ryosuke’s arms with the sound of his voice ushering him to much gentler dreams.

He wanted to answer, to thank him, to say something but couldn’t–just smiled as he fell into the darkness at the sound of Ryosuke’s voice over his head.

“I will always take care of you.”



The hotel was quiet, and Yuri had spent an extraordinary amount of time staring at Ryosuke while he slept. His mind had been very active lately in creating scenario after scenario of their future. He’d become increasingly agitated as a result, since their press managers kept leaking stories about Ryosuke with actresses and other singers, just to keep the fandom stirred up.

Well, it keeps me stirred up too. 

I hate it. I don’t want to think about it.

Yuri sighed, frowning deeply as his eyes struggled to memorize Ryosuke’s contented face in sleep.

One day someone else will see this vision.

It’s just a matter of time, surely the moment he will find a girl and fall in love is coming—I should prepare myself.

I don’t even know where to start, how to begin to harden my heart to that kind of pain.

His hand shifted, moving up to rest on his chest where it felt to him that even the thought was causing it to restrict and clench in pain.

I might not be able to get over it. I don’t know how I will survive it.

Yuri’s eyes were tender on Ryosuke’s form and he closed them, listening to the soft breathing from the boy next to him, the gentle cadence like the rhythm to the universe’s eternal song.

I love him so much. I don’t know how to be any different.

I’ll support him, I love him enough to want him to be happy, don’t I?

Can I be that kind of person?

Maybe…I guess…but…no, not really, I want him to myself.

I really am a spoiled brat.

If I can’t have him, if I can’t and he doesn’t care about me…and he falls in love?

I have to be happy for him, that’s how those things are done, isn’t it?

I know it is. I have to figure it out.

Or…I need to make him see how much I care about him, how much I love him.


How can I do that?

How do people do that?

Falling in love seems so simple in stories and movies and things…like…the most natural thing in the world, but is that how it really is?

I don’t know…I’ve never seen people fall in love before.

All I know is that I can’t not love him.

I can’t stop thinking about him.

I want to tell him everything first…and when I’m sad he’s the only thing that can make me happy.

When I hear his voice, everything is better…and when he touches me, it feels like all of the universe falling into alignment…everything is right.

He probably doesn’t feel that at all…I’m just…’Chii-chan’ to him, a cute little kid who is a mascot maybe…a cute thing to protect and take care of—but that’s not love, right?

No, love is like…electric…and fire…and sparks.

Like I feel, this is love, but he’s never looked at me like that, he’s never seen me like that.

I’m just cute and his little brother.

I need to grow more.

I need to show him I’m not just some cute little brother.

I need him to see me, really see me.

His eyes popped open when Ryosuke mumbled in his sleep, a common occurrence, as Ryosuke tended to talk in his sleep, and he was always fascinated by the words he could make out, the idea that he was privileged to hear his unfiltered thoughts—usually words of activities and stresses, song lyrics and such.


Yuri’s eyes widened, his name falling off Ryosuke’s lips in a sigh, and his heart suddenly began to race, his hand moving to grip his own shirt, trying to ensure his heartbeat didn’t shake the bed, the very foundation of the earth, as it felt that loud and strong to him.

He said my name.

To Yuri, surely, he knew it could be some residual left over from the concert—Ryosuke could be dreaming about anything in the world, but somehow, in Yuri’s mind, he couldn’t help but imagine that in that moment, maybe Ryosuke was thinking of him in a different way.

A way that would be like how he saw Ryosuke.

When Ryosuke shifted, speaking his name softly again, Yuri bit his lip, his breath caught in his throat because he’d heard his name spoken from him many, many times, but this was different, and all he could think was how beautiful it was, how melodic, how undeniably sexy it was to have Ryosuke a foot away from him, his hair tousled and his face soft with the peace of sleep, and his name a whisper from his beautiful lips.

One day, when we’re adults, when it’s safe, and Johnny’s can’t tell me what to do anymore…I’m going to tell him.

I’ll tell him the truth, and maybe he’ll feel the same way.

The plan he’d long been formulating, the one that included their Coming of Age ceremony, the prayers at the temple that he just knew in his heart would see to his confession being accepted…so many things to look forward to, and he believed in the idea that one day, when they were older, and the time was right, they’d be together, somehow, he just felt like it could happen.

It’s a state of delusion I prefer to live in.

It’s far better than the reality that says he will probably be engaged to a lovely young woman whom he loves and adores by then.

Shut up. I’m dreaming here.

Just saying.

Shut up. Right now, he’s here…he’s with me. I still have him, he’s still mine now.

That’s all I care about.

One day, I still believe he’ll hear my heart and answer. 

I have to believe it.

When we’re older, things will be simpler.

I’ll help him see. 

See the truth.

It didn’t take long for Yuri’s imagination to run with the thought, all of the ways that scenario could play out and when he thought of the words he would use to confess, and then the image of Ryosuke kissing him flitted through his mind he couldn’t help but groan, his entire body feeling like it was being engulfed in flames as he opened his eyes to see Ryosuke there, his face so serene, his profile so beautiful, so perfect, and all he could think in that moment was how much he wanted to find out how soft his lips really were.

What would they feel like?

Are they really as smooth and soft as I think?

Yuri struggled with the desire to act out the fantasy playing in his mind, and then Ryosuke moved again, and he panicked, worried that he might reach out for him, like he so often did to drag him over to him, a thing that Yuri would normally encourage—but not now, not when here he was in the bed with him, with undeniable evidence of his attraction something that would be impossible for him to hide or explain away, and with that thought, he jumped, bolting out of the bed.

Ryosuke startled awake as the bed shook, opening his eyes to see Yuri scrambling out of the bed.

“Where are you going?” Ryosuke whispered sleepily, his hand reaching out next to him, as if to grab Yuri and pull him back to him.

Yuri jumped, his head whipping around to look at Ryosuke, his eyes wide, “Nowhere! To…th-the bathroom! Go back to sleep. I’m sorry I woke you.”


Ryosuke blinked, his eyes blurry as he watched him scramble through the dark to the bathroom, then shook his head as he pulled the covers up over his head, burrowing down into the softness and falling almost immediately back to sleep.

October 12, 2013

“We should all match!” Yuri was excited over the thought, the discussion about their Coming of Age ceremony in the new year a highlight of their talks these days, pulling his knees up in the chair and leaning over the table, “What do you guys think?

“Did BEST wear matching outfits?” Keito wondered, looking around at the others.

“It really doesn’t matter if they did or didn’t,” Ryosuke reasoned, “The truth is, we can do what we want, it’s our ceremony, right?”

“True,” Keito nodded, glancing over at Yuto who had remained silent.

“What do you think, Yuto?”

“I agree,” he responded shaking his head, “I’m sorry, I’m preoccupied with some details on a shoot,” he shook his head, sitting his phone down on the table, “What shall we do then?”

Yuri held up a picture on his phone screen of a place there in Tokyo that created custom kimonos made in any design or pattern and the others leaned forward to look at the images as he slid through them.

They all glanced up when one of the managers came in, hopefully to give them their schedule for the next month.

“Boys!” the man nodded at them, sitting down a stack of folders, and then quickly giving them to the boys. He quickly went down a list of events and special arrangements for the next few weeks, and then snapped his folder closed, “Any questions?”

“No?” he nodded, “I’ll let you guys get back to whatever you were discussing then.”

“Aiko-san, what kind of kimono did you wear to your coming of age ceremony?” Yuri asked him curiously before he could leave.

“Oh, wow…that was a long time ago…”

“A reallllly long time ago,” Yuto laughed and then apologized for making a joke on the man’s behalf, especially since he wasn’t actually very old at all.

“I wore a traditional kuro mon-tsuki actually,” the manager responded, smiling at the memory, “Why?”

“We were deciding what to wear to ours,” Yuri answered with a smile on his face, though his expression froze when he saw that the manager’s eyes widened, and he looked around at the group of boys.

“What’s wrong?” Yuri asked, frowning, “Did I say something?”

“No…no…that is to say…” the manager took a deep breath, and then shook his head, “I guess no one has talked to you all about the Coming of Age ceremony then?”

“What?” Yuto sat up, glancing at the others, “What about it?”

“You have to understand,” the man stepped closer to the table, his fingertips resting there as if to hold himself up, “There’s a delicate balance between keeping you boys safe and doing as much as we can to ensure you live as normal of a life as possible.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Ryosuke sat forward, his manner curt, his hands crossing his chest, already not liking the tone of this conversation and where it was going.

“It means—management has decided it was in the best interest of each of you, and that of the public interest to restrict your attendance of the Coming of Age ceremony,” the man’s eyes moved, but refused to lock on any of theirs.

“What!?” Yuri’s legs flew out, his palms slamming into the table’s surface, the chair crashing backwards, “Of course we’re attending our ceremony! Of course, we are!”

The manager shook his head, “I’m really sorry, I’ll send in the documentation on it—but there’s already been inquiries from people to the temples about the fact there are four of you at the same time, and there’s…it’s a mess. They looked at all of it and felt the best course of action was for you to not attend.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life, you get someone in here right this minu—”

“Chii-chan,” Ryosuke’s voice was soft, his hand resting on Yuri’s on the edge of the table, and Yuri’s head turned, his eyes snapping to Ryosuke as he continued to speak, “It’s okay, it will be okay.”

“No! It won’t be oka—”

“Yuri!” Ryosuke didn’t shout, but his tone was enough to make Yuri frown, not liking this at all, especially not the fact that Ryosuke didn’t seem as upset as he was—since he couldn’t count the number of nights they’d fallen asleep talking about how amazing it was going to be that day, his eyes softened when Ryosuke squeezed his hand, “Yuri, it will be okay, trust me.”

Yuri stared at Ryosuke for a moment, whatever he finally saw there enough to convince him to let Ryosuke handle it, stomping across the room and throwing himself dramatically down on the couch, face down into a pillow.

Ryosuke watched him and then looked back at the manager, “This was clearly not handled properly, and I think while the whole of Johnny’s was discussing our Coming of Age ceremony, well, I think it might have been wisdom to include the four of us in the dialogue.”

The manager twisted his hands, “I wasn’t a part of the discussion, I didn’t have anything to do with it, I’m sorry.”

“Well, here’s the thing—how do they intend to reinforce this edict that we can’t attend one of the most important ceremonies of our lives?”

The man swallowed thickly, his eyes apologetic, “I believe they expect you to obey them without question.”

“I see,” Ryosuke narrowed his eyes, “We’re meant to do as we’re told.”

“In a manner of speaking,” the manager affirmed, clearing his throat, “I have another meeting—but I’ll make sure to send in the proper information to you, I’ll see to it immediately.”

You do that,” Ryosuke’s voice was dismissive, somehow scalding and arrogant in it’s tone as he nodded, waving the man off as he stood up, the chair making a loud screeching sound as he walked away, rudely to be sure, from the manager to check on Yuri.

He frowned when the door closed and Yuto hissed at him from across the room, “Yamada! You can’t talk to management like that!”

Ryosuke stood still, turning to look straight into Yuto’s eyes, “I certainly can when they’re actively disrespecting us, they can’t make these kinds of choices for us! God! I mean we’re discussing our Coming of Age ceremony where we’re officially adults for God’s sake!” Ryosuke snapped, knowing he would have to apologize to the manager and set things right but too irritated to consider doing so at the moment.

“He didn’t do anything wrong,” Yuri lifted his head from the couch, tears in his eyes, to stare at Yuto, “He asked questions, ones that I know we were all thinking, so don’t get mad at him just because you weren’t brave enough to call them out on this—this…stupid decision!”

“Okay, okay…everyone needs to take a deep breath,” Keito whispered, standing up and shrugging as he moved around the table to get between the boys, his hand reaching out to rest on Yuto’s shoulder, shaking his head when Yuri growled loudly in frustration, burying his head back in the pillow “We all care about this, obviously, and we all are fully aware that Johnny’s doesn’t take no for an answer, so we might as well accept that we won’t be a part of the ceremony.”

“That sucks,” Yuto crossed his arms, leaning back in his chair, frowning deeply, “You’re right though…they won’t change their minds.”

Before they could continue their talk, the door opened, and one of the clerks from down the hall walked in, “Excuse me, they told me to bring this to you.”

Ryosuke watched as Yuto took the file, nodding at the clerk, thanking him as he turned to leave, sighing as he turned to glance back at Ryosuke, “Anyway, I didn’t mean to snap—”

“It’s fine,” Ryosuke waved him off, closing the distance between himself and Yuri, squatting down by where his head was laying, his hand reaching out to touch the back of his head, his voice soft, soothing, “Hey…everything’s gonna be alright.”

Yuri turned his head, his eyes remaining closed, frowning, “It won’t be…I was really looking forward to this…we…we were…”

Ryosuke could hear Keito and Yuto mumbling about what was in the folder, and he tried to ignore them, his eyes fixed on Yuri’s when they popped open, full of sadness, “…this and then the party and everything, and now—what? They don’t even want to let us go to the temple?”

“Ryosuke, we have to go to the temple!” Ryosuke frowned as he watched a tear fall across Yuri’s cheek onto the couch. He wasn’t entirely sure what it was that made this such a big deal to Yuri, despite them talking about it a lot as they grew up, it never seemed like a ‘do or die’ thing to him, but apparently, it surely was for Yuri.

He turned when Yuto called his name, finding him holding up one of the papers, “It really does say here we are forbidden from attending any of the ceremonies, or visiting the temples in our region. I-I just…I can’t believe it.”

“Me either,” Keito frowned, looking at the other pages in the folder.

Ryosuke clenched his eyes shut, trying to think, needing to fix this, make things right for Yuri, then he rustled Yuri’s hair when he spoke, “Listen, we’ll go to the temple, Yur,” Ryosuke glanced back at the others.

Yuto tilted his head, and was clearly concerned that Ryosuke shouldn’t make promises he might not be able to keep, Ryosuke didn’t pay attention to the warning, looking back at Yuri who had opened his eyes to stare at him, “Even if it’s just you and I, we’ll go to the temple, I promise.”

Yuri nodded, believing this, and in that moment Ryosuke wasn’t sure he’d ever seen Yuri look so small, so child-like, and yet, so trusting in him. He was going to see to this. He was going to make it happen no matter what, smiling softly at him, “We’ll all be there.”

“Really?” Yuri whispered, his eyes filled with hope.

“Yes,” Ryosuke nodded, shifting around to lean his hip against the couch, his hand moving onto Yuri’s back as his arm enveloped his head, “Read me that part you just talked about, the way it’s written?”

“Okay,” Yuto flipped the page and then read out loud, “There’s a bunch of stuff about the city’s concerns…stuff about internal dialogue…ahhh…umm…oh, here it is! The members shall not be permitted to attend any of the Seijin no Hi within the Kantō region, including the Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures. Likewise, they will be expressly forbidden from attending prayer service at any of the temples within the the Kantō region, including the Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures.”

“That’s fine,” Ryosuke’s eyes lit up, and he smiled broadly, “That leaves forty other prefectures where we haven’t been forbidden to attend.”

Keito blinked rapidly, and then he laughed loudly, “Oh my gosh, he’s right!?”

Yuto didn’t answer, just looking through the papers frantically, and then he looked up at Ryosuke who was watching him in his search to find a reason it wouldn’t work, smiling, “It doesn’t say anything else, it doesn’t say anything about any other regions or prefectures.”

“So…we obey, we won’t attend one in the Kantō prefectures…but we’ll pick one somewhere else, and we’ll attend there.”

Yuto was considering the idea carefully, and Ryosuke was prepared to defend his idea, but Yuri’s hand reached up, touching his cheek and forcing him to turn to look down at him, his voice soft and small, “Are you serious?”

“Totally,” Ryosuke smiled softly, “We’ll have our own ceremony if we have to, but we’re participating in the Coming of Age ceremony, and we will be going to the temple, I promise.”

Yuri smiled then, his hand sliding up around Ryosuke’s neck to drag him down, so he could hug him, “Thanks, Yama-chan!”

Ryosuke smiled as he wrapped his arms around him to hug him back.

I’d do anything for you.

“You’re welcome, Yuri,” Ryosuke smiled despite his head being twisted in a weird way, and his ankles crying for him to stand up and his face being filled with mostly Yuri’s hair—because Yuri was hugging him.

I’d do anything to make you smile.

November 1, 2013

“I really like this pattern!” Ryosuke pointed to one of the swatches that had a pattern of thin and short lines made from small hash patterns on the fabric, a vague light grayish-blue tint to part of the fabric, hardly noticeable, but they’d all agreed it would be kind of nice to have a bit of flair to the outfit, despite it being traditional in every other way. The part would hardly be seen in fact, but they’d know it was there..

“I like that one, also,” Yuto agreed, reaching forward to pull a different swatch out, “I’m tied between that one and this one.”

Yuri nodded, “Me, too.”

“Well, I think Keito will be the deciding factor,” Ryosuke glanced at his watch, “Where is he? Anyone heard from him?”

The words had no sooner left his mouth than the door flew open and Keito entered the room carrying a box, “Sorry! Sorry, I’m late guys!”

“Need help?” Ryosuke asked, stepping around the table, but Keito shook his head, and moved to set the box on the table.

“I got it,” Keito responded, sliding the box away, and then looking at the swatches on the table, “For the obi with our mon-tsuki?”

“Yes,” Ryosuke nodded, laying out all the swatches in a row, “What do you like?”

Keito looked over them carefully, pulling a few forward to compare with one another and then slide one out by itself, “I like this one, it’s subtle but still decorative.”

The others nodded, and Ryosuke slid the one they’d been debating about forward, “This was the one we were tied with.”

“Ah,” Keito put the two side by side, “They are not very different, I do like this one,” he gestured to the one he’d chosen, “only because it will add a small amount of color without detracting from the formality.”

“Good,” Ryosuke grabbed the swatches and tucked the ones not chosen away into a bag, “Now that’s decided, we have only to see our crest!”

“I’m so excited!” Yuri leaned forward on the table, “I am so excited!”

Yuto nodded, “Me too!”

“Okay, okay,” Keito laughed lightly, “I have it here!”

“Thank you again for designing the kamon for us, Keito,” Ryosuke smiled at him, “We all really appreciate it.”

“It was my honor,” Keito bowed slightly, his cheeks flushed, “I am thankful you all had faith in me that I could do something worthy of us. I really hope you like it.”

“I’m not worried at all,” Ryosuke smiled at him, “But I am excited!”

He pointed to the box and Keito laughed as he pulled it over to sit in front of himself.

“Okay, I’ll show you how it will look on our kimono and haori first.”

Ryosuke glanced over, laughing softly at the way that Yuri was practically vibrating in place from his excitement, watching as Keito opened the box, careful to not reveal the contents before he was ready.

He drew out an image, moving it over the table upside down so that all the boys could see was a black surface, and then he quickly flipped it over to lay it on the table, his eyes soft and hopeful, holding his breath.


“That’s amazing!” Yuri gushed, leaning to get a closer look!

“It’s so cool!” Ryosuke said, shifting around the table to pat Keito o the back, “You did amazing, this is amazing!”

“It really is, Keito!” Yuto exclaimed, pointing at the design, “It’s so unique!”

Keito blushed at the praise and he was grinning so big his cheeks were aching, nodding, “I worked very hard to make something that represented the four of us.”

Ryosuke pulled him into a side hug, “You succeeded, it’s fantastic.”

“Eh, it’s alright,” Keito mused, knowing that they didn’t really get it, not yet, and then he shifted, reaching into the box, and quickly drew out a large frame with another version of the symbol in color having been matted behind the glass, thrusting it into Ryosuke’s hands.

Ryosuke looked down at the frame, his eyes wide as he took in the symbol, realizing that the ‘cool’ symbol he’d seen before was in fact, deeply profound in the design and what it meant, the other boys falling silent as Keito handed them their frames.


“I…Keito…” Ryosuke’s words were choked, emotion flooding him, “it was…amazing the way it will show up as our crest on our clothing…but this…this is…perfect.”

“Thank you,” Keito responded, humbly, glad that the boys loved his design this much, glad he’d been able to capture who they were in in a single symbol.

“You did great,” Ryosuke smiled, sniffling, trying to hold back his tears, and Keito grabbed him into a huge hug, causing him to laugh and cry at the same time, the words muffled, “Really, thank you.”

They’d talked for a while longer, adding a few ideas and such to the plans, and as they were leaving Ryosuke handed them each a business card, “I’ll take the crest to the shop this week, so they can create the dye for it. By Thursday all of you need to go there and get your measurements done so they can start working on your mon-tsuki! Don’t forget! They are waiting for those measurements!”

“Wait,” Yuri stopped, looking down at the card, “I thought we were each goin—”

“I took care of it,” Ryosuke spoke softly, yet firmly, his eyes imploring the others to understand why he wanted to do this, needed to do it, “I just…it’s…please don’t argue with me. I just really…I wanted to do it—we’ve all talked about it for so long and now that we’re close I am feeling very…sentimental about it. Just…let me do it, okay?”

It wasn’t really in any of the boys to accept such an extravagant gift under normal circumstances, but things being as they were this wasn’t really ‘ordinary’ at all, and a such, it was as if the thought of how kind and generous and warm and loving this gesture was had hit them all at the same time—and resulted in a large mass of laughter, tears, arms, in what could arguably have been the longest group hug ever.

Also, in my research I discovered that there was a lot of buzz about whether or not 7 was allowed to attend their ceremony, and no images have surfaced at all–and there were statements from Johnny’s and such. I used the idea in my story, though I can not confirm or deny if they really did attend one.

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