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Fluffy, romance, bit of angst, some sad, they're both a little tense, dumb boys being dumb, the lesson is to always be honest




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The boys spend a quiet day off together watching musicals in their own little bubble until the realities of the world outside their doors interferes with their happiness.

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Rewrite the Stars–The Greatest Showman

From Now On–The Greatest Showman

They had the day off together finally after weeks of a chaotic schedule that seemed to have them working long hours and barely seeing each other apart from the moments they fell into bed in pure exhaustion, only to wake up and repeat the process again. So, they’d both decided they would stay in their pajamas, order delivery food, and watch movies all day.  

Ryosuke was slumped down on the couch with his legs stretched out to the stool in front of him, while Yuri was bundled up in a soft blanket, curled on his side, with his head laying on a pillow in Ryosuke’s lap where he was contentedly watching the current film while Ryosuke played with his hair. Every once in a while, when Ryosuke’s hand would still, he’d wiggle a tiny bit to jar him and inevitably his hand would start moving again, and all Yuri could think was how completely spoiled he was by Ryosuke.  

They’d decided to make the day one filled with musicals, so they’d drug out their whole collection and were currently watching “The Greatest Showman”—one of their favorites of all time, having watched it so many times at this point they had nearly every single word of it memorized.  

Ryosuke knew what was coming, having a hard time not laughing in advance, as the song “The Other Side” was approaching, and when Zac Efron stood up, the low noise was issued from Yuri as expected, Ryosuke lifted his hand to cover his mouth to hide his smile. 

“I mean damn,” Yuri murmured, glancing up at Ryosuke who was doing his best to pretend to be consumed by the movie, “That boy is fine.” 

“I’m right here,” Ryosuke complained, shoving his shoulder. 

“I mean seriously, look him in that suit…like…those pants,” he made another feral noise causing Ryosuke to shove him straight off the couch without any preamble. 

Yuri squealed, giggling his head off as he crawled back up on the couch, “Oh c’mon, you know I only have eyes for you.” 

Ryosuke pretended to be offended, enjoying the way Yuri’s voice played against the shell of his ear, his mouth kissing the skin of his neck tenderly, “There’s no one but you for me.” 

“Whatever,” Ryosuke smiled when Yuri knew the ‘fight’ was over, shuffling himself back into his original position laying his head back on the pillow in Ryosuke’s lap. 

“He is pretty hot,” Ryosuke said, laughing when Yuri’s fist came up to hit him in the side of the head, squealing, “I’m just saying.” 

“Shut up,” Yuri snapped, hiding his grin behind his amused fury, “The song’s over, we missed the whole thing!” 

“Want me to rewind it so you can watch your boyfriend again?” Ryosuke offered playfully. 

“Nah, if I wanna see a hot guy with a fine ass I’ll just make you walk around the house for me,” Yuri grinned knowing that Ryosuke never knew what to say from those kinds of remarks, just letting him sit there all shocked while he returned his attention to the movie fully.  

They reached the part where Phillip and Anne are going to the theatre, and they run into his parents as they’re entering the lobby, Yuri snuggling closer to Ryosuke as he sighed, “This is so sad…” 

Ryosuke glanced down at him, blinking, trying to make sense of the words, his eyes moving from him to the screen and back again, tilting his head when Yuri spoke again, “It’s like…you know…they love each other but they can’t be together because the world keeps them apart with their hatred.” 

The world keeps them apart with their hatred. 

Reality suddenly intruded on their lazy day together, and Ryosuke felt his feelings drop like a boulder into his tummy, trying to feign a smile when Yuri rolled over onto his back, looking up at him expectantly because he absolutely loved when Ryosuke would sing along to this song—something he always did now that he knew Yuri’s affinity for it.  

Swallowing roughly, Ryosuke tentatively sang the first words, his eyes connected to Yuri’s, “You know I want you—it’s not a secret I try to hideI know you want me, so, don’t keep saying our hands are tied” 

Yuri’s hand reached up to run his fingers through Ryosuke’s hair, a smile tugging at his lips as Ryosuke continued to sing, “You claim it’s not in the cards–fate is pulling you miles away and out of reach from meBut you’re here in my heart so who can stop me if I decide that you’re my destiny?” 

Ryosuke’s voice cracked on the last few words, feeling his throat thickening as the stinging burn of tears prickled his eyes but he shook his head, trying to get rid of them the words a whisper, “What if we rewrite the starssay you were made to be minenothing could keep us apartyou’d be the one I was meant to find. It’s up to you and it’s up to meno one can say what we get to be” 

Ryosuke took a shuddering breath, his hand brushing against Yuri’s cheek, “So why don’t we rewrite the starsmaybe the world could be ours tonight.” 

He didn’t mean for the tears to fall, he didn’t mean to change anything, but Yuri just shushed him when he started to open his mouth, running his fingers across his jaw to swipe the tears away, his voice soft as he sang the lyrics in return, his brows drawn down, and Ryosuke’s heart clenched, because for a moment there was something so raw and vulnerable in Yuri’s eyes when they lifted to look at him, “You think it’s easyyou think I don’t want to run to you? But there are mountains and there are doors that we can’t walk throughI know you are wondering why because we are able to be just you and me within these wallsbut when we go outside, you’re gonna wake up and see that it was hopeless after all.” 

Ryosuke thread his fingers through Yuri’s holding his hand against his chest as he broke eye contact, as if the moment was too loaded with emotions to address it, rolling over onto his side to face the tv again, dragging Ryosuke’s hand under his arm to hold it against his own chest. Ryosuke could feel his heart pounding wildly against his hand, and he knew Yuri felt it too, the weight, the sheer magnitude of their lives together, the thing they try to pretend isn’t there–the thing they are able to keep away when they’re within the safe walls of their own home…their voices soft as they sang the next part of the song together.  

No one can rewrite the stars
How can you say you’ll be mine
Everything keeps us apart
And I’m not the one you were meant to find
It’s not up to you
It’s not up to me
When everyone tells us what we can be
How can we rewrite the stars
Say that the world can be ours


Ryosuke’s mind swirled with their own situation, the way they are held back from being who they want to be because of the world around them…in reality, how are they any different than the two characters on the screen? 

He leaned forward, over Yuri who turned his head to look up to him, freeing his hand to cup his cheek as he sang, “All I want is to fly with you…” 

Yuri joined him, his fingers threading into the hair at the nape of his neck, “All I want is to fall with youSo, just give me all of you–” 

Yuri shook his head, “It feels impossible.” 

It’s not impossible,” Ryosuke reassured him. 

Is it impossible?” Yuri asked softly, “Say that it’s possible…” 

Their voices flowing in perfected harmony from years of singing together, their eyes locked together,  

How do we rewrite the stars say you were made to be mine
Nothing can keep us apart
Cause you are the one I was meant to find
It’s up to you
And it’s up to me
No one can say what we get to be
Why don’t we rewrite the stars

Ryosuke’s body lurched forward, curling around Yuri’s protesting head as his hand shot out to grab the remote, scrambling to pause the movie, then turning to look at Yuri, who had lifted up onto his elbows, his face nearly crashing into Ryosuke’s when he turned back around, causing them both to laugh.  

Ryosuke shifted into the floor, his smile soft as he reached up to cradle Yuri’s head in his hands, Yuri’s mouth opened to say something about how confused he was but before he could, Ryosuke had closed the tiny distance between them to press a tender, chaste kiss to his lips silencing him.  

Ryosuke’s eyes were wide with sincerity, his expression soft and warm as he pulled back just far enough to say the words, “Marry me.” 

Yuri’s eyes twinkled in amusement, unsure of what Ryosuke was on about, “Funny thing, but I thought I already agreed to that?” Yuri lifted his hand up and waved it beside their heads, “I have a ring and everything to prove it.” 

Ryosuke’s body was trembling under the weight of the thoughts rushing through his mind, “Yeah, yeah, sure, but I mean, let’s do it!” 

“Do…what?” Yuri pressed on Ryosuke’s chest, trying to get him to move back a little bit so he could get a better look at him, get a better read on what he was actually saying. 

Ryosuke shuffled backward quickly, standing up, like the energy he was feeling was too powerful to sit still, his voice frantic, his hands gesturing outward like he needed Yuri to understand this and how important it was, “Let’s get married…” 

“Uh, that would be great but there’s that nagging little issue of the fact that our own country would never let us,” Yuri waved him off, confused to why Ryosuke seemed to be talking so passionately about something that was completely impossible—no matter what some romantic song might say.  

“But—Ree…we could! We can, don’t you understand?” Ryosuke implored him to somehow grasp the reality. 

Yuri sighed, rolling his eyes, pretty much dismissing him entirely as he laid back down, propping himself up on the discarded pillow against the arm of the couch, “Right, okay…right now?” 

“Well, I mean,” Ryosuke paced across the living room and back, his mind whirling, “…as soon as we can, we could do it.” 


“Hmmm…” Ryosuke stopped at the tone Yuri had said his name, waiting expectantly. 

“What are you doing,” Yuri tried to keep the hurt from his voice but he knew perfectly well he was doing a terrible job, shaking his head, “Why…why do you do this?” 

“What? Do what? I just…” Ryosuke was trying to get the right words to come out but there were so many words he needed to say, “I think we should do it!” 

Do what?” 

“Get married!” Ryosuke was exasperated, throwing his hands up into the air, “We should get married!” 

Yuri sat up, elbows on his knees as he rest his head in his hands, staring at the floor as he pulled on the ends of his hair, “Why do you keep bringing this up?” 

Ryosuke stopped moving, at first bristling at the idea that he brought this up very often, in fact, he wanted to defend himself against this notion because they’d talk about it every single day if not for his amazing self-control. He stepped closer to Yuri, not understanding his posture or tone, “What do you mean?” 

“I mean…you bring it up and I don’t understand why, it’s like…” Yuri looked up at him then and Ryosuke’s stomach dropped when he saw the pain reflected in his eyes, “It’s like you have a personal mission of torture yourself, and me…or something.” 


Yuri snapped, his tone sharp and angry, pushing Ryosuke’s hand away when he reached out to touch him, “Stop! It hurts me, do you hear me? It makes me hurt…I know it hurts you too! So, just you stop it!” 

“Ree, what are you talking about?” Ryosuke’s voice was barely a whisper as he drew his hand back, shocked at Yuri not letting him console him, something completely unlike his normal reaction, making him worried, unsure of what was happening but knowing he didn’t like it. 

Yuri sighed, a tear making a slow path down his cheek as he stared at Ryosuke, “I mean, I know you know this—but Ryosuke, you know as well as I do that we can’t get married! We absolutely CAN NOT get married,” he shook his head, his hand shooting up to scrub violently at the tears that he hated with every fiber of his soul, “So, please, tell me why you keep acting like we can–I mean, I thought you would get the idea out of your system and eventually accept the facts, but…you do know we can’t get married, right?” 

“Yuri!” Ryosuke slid onto the couch, pushing Yuri’s body into the cushions, his hands grabbing Yuri’s face so he couldn’t look away, “Of course we can! What are you talking about?!” 

Yuri tried to shake his head, but it was impossible, “I’m sorry, but one of us has to be the realist here and it’s usually you so this is a strange turn of events for me, but honestly,” he laughed but there was no humor in it, another tear falling from his eyes, “Our reality is that it’s not legal for us to get married in Japan.” 

“So!” Ryosuke’s voice was so loud it made Yuri jump in surprise, squirming when Ryosuke dragged him into his arms in a hug, whispering, “Sorry, I’m so sorry,” pressing a kiss to his cheek before speaking, “But…Ree, honestly, who cares what Japan says?” 

Yuri tried to understand the words he was saying but he might as well have been speaking alien, his eyes wide when Ryosuke released him, intently focused on him, “Yuri, there is a huge world outside of these walls, beyond these borders, there is a world with unlimited possibilities.” 

Ryosuke studied Yuri, trying to sense whether he was understanding what he was trying to tell him, but then he tilted his head, “Wait…wha…what in the world did you think we were doing? That I was doing with that ring?” 

Yuri shrugged, his voice growing weaker the more he talked from the darkening of Ryosuke’s expression, “Saying you would marry me if you could, but since you can’t…It was just a really beautiful gesture…” 

Ryosuke frowned, his hands dropping, eyes bouncing from the ring on his finger to Yuri, holding his hand up, “And this ring? From you?” 

Yuri felt ashamed but he was confused as to the why of it, he didn’t like this conversation, didn’t like not understanding what was happening and why it felt like he was doing something wrong, he didn’t really want to answer him, not at all, because there was hurt around the edge of Ryosuke’s expression and he didn’t want to make him hurt more than he already somehow was, his voice clipped, “Ryosuke, I mean, that’s the same thing, I want to marry you, you know that…I know you know that…”  

His voice faded off, his hand rubbing his chest where it hurt, looking back up at Ryosuke, frustrated with the pain he was feeling, with the way Ryosuke’s expression was making him feel, “You KNOW damn well I want to marry you, I do, but we can’t…it’s illegal and besides that what with the agency and society and all that crazy stuffs I mean, we can’t get married, it’s not possible.” 

Ryosuke clenched his eyes closed, trying to gather his thoughts, his voice firm, “Yuri, my intention has always been to actually marry you.” 

Yuri blinked innocently, unsure of what Ryosuke was trying to get him to understand, “Listen to me, Ree, like, honestly, I don’t give a fuck about the agency or society or hell, apparently, laws–I want you to be my husband in any way we can, whatever form it takes, it will be real–I mean, honestly, I don’t understand what you thought I was doing here…” 

Yuri tilted his head, trying to process what he was saying, “But…” 

Ryosuke laughed, because Yuri’s expression was so soft, so small, so sincere he wanted to just hug him close and never ever let him go, he shuffled forward until his nose was touching Yuri’s, his voice soft and tender as he spoke, “Chiisana, I’ve researched, and we might not be able to be married in Japan but we can go to so many other countries who will marry us, sure, the marriage won’t be recognized by Japan, yet,” he paused, making sure Yuri understood his emphasis, “Yet,” he waited for Yuri to nod in understanding before he continued, “But…for me…Ree, for me, at least, it would be real.” 

A twinkle of hope flickered behind Yuri’s eyes and when Ryosuke spoke the next words it was like a world of possibilities opened up within his once limited world view, “Chinen Yuri, it would be real for me. You would be my husband and I would be yours.” 

Yuri couldn’t get words to form, couldn’t make his thoughts get into the proper order for a coherent thought, watching as Ryosuke’s expression morphed through several emotions before he frowned, swallowing roughly, his eyes moving away from Yuri’s face to look at the button on his shirt, his voice weak when he whispered, “Ree, wouldn’t it be real for you?” 

Yuri felt like the world was closing in on them, and he needed Ryosuke to know, without any doubt, if in the next moment all of time and space came to an end, he desperately needed him to know the truth, his fingertips tracing the edge of his jaw before cupping his cheeks, forcing his face up to look at him clearly, his voice soft, “You stupid boy, of course it would be real for me.” 

He watched as Ryosuke’s shoulders released the tension he’d been holding there, almost visibly falling away from him as Yuri’s eyebrows drew down, confused, “…but…could we…are you saying we could really do that?” 

“That’s what I’m saying,” Ryosuke laughed, kissing him quickly, then continuing, “Yeah, we can go to France, or somewhere else in Europe, there’s a few places there, or like we can go to Hawaii, any of these places, there’s a lot of them! They’d let us get married and it would be real.” 

Yuri looked at him in wonder, “It would be real? Like genuinely real?” 

“Yes, it would be completely real.” 

It would be real. 

Yuri’s eyes flew wide open, his voice high and fast, his whole body bouncing up and down in excitement, causing Ryosuke’s body to jostle on the couch beside him, “I want that…I want that, Ryosuke! I want that!” 

Ryosuke grabbed him into a hug, Yuri’s arms clenching tightly around him, smiling broadly when Ryosuke affirmed, laughing, “Okay, then we’ll do that!” 

Ryosuke grabbed both of Yuri’s hands, realizing at some point he must have hit the remote causing the movie to have been playing behind him, and when he heard the song playing, he couldn’t stop himself—dragging Yuri up off the couch. 

“Ryosuke!” Yuri squealed as he was yanked to his feet and pulled to the side of the room where Ryosuke began dancing with him, putting some of his fancy dance lessons to good use—the very same private lessons Ryosuke had forced them to attend together, because he refused to have any other partner. 

When Ryosuke swung him outward, Yuri found himself rendered breathless, his eyes bright with excitement as the words played in the air around them.  

From now on 
These eyes will not be blinded by the lights 
From now on 
What’s waited ’til tomorrow starts tonight 
Let this promise in me start 
Like an anthem in my heart 
From now on 
From now on 

“Wait,” Yuri pushed against Ryosuke as he spun him back into his chest, the air pushed out of his lungs sharply at how strong Ryosuke’s arms were on him as he held him, but Ryosuke wouldn’t let him go, giving up, he asked the question with his face buried in his chest, “What are we waiting for?” 

Ryosuke drew back, and then spun him to the side and outward again, his eyebrows drawn down in confusion, “What do you mean?” 

Yuri managed to not fall when Ryosuke took up a new step, sweeping him around the room, “I mean if we can get married why aren’t we already!? I want to marry you; don’t you want to marry me?” 

“God,” Ryosuke shook his head, twirling them again, “You know there’s nothing I want more than to marry you.” 

For years and years 
I chased their cheers 
The crazy speed of always needing more 
But when I stop 
And see you here 
I remember who all this was for 

“Then marry me! Let’s get married!!!” Yuri’s enthusiasm was barreling out of control, seemingly growing at the music surrounding them sped up and grew into the crescendo, and Ryosuke figured he needed to make sure they ended up on the same page.  

Or at least the same chapter. 

Because at this point, he wasn’t entirely sure they were even in the same book. 

“Okay, okay,” Ryosuke stopped dancing, releasing Yuri he held his hands up, moving them in a way that usually calmed down wild animals or children, his voice soothing, “But, Ree, we have to plan…we can’t just…I mean…” 

“You just said we could! Let’s go!” Yuri demanded, causing Ryosuke to laugh when his foot lifted and slammed to the floor in his demand, his head tilting to the side, eyes narrowing as he weighed whether or not Ryosuke was actually trying to change what he’d just said. 

“We can! I mean but we can’t just take off to go overseas we have to pla–” 

“How long?” Yuri snapped, leaning closer to Ryosuke’s face to make sure he could see his eyes clearly. 


“HOW LONG do you need to plan a real wedding?” Yuri’s body was moving to the rhythm of the song, bouncing in place and Ryosuke wondered how different this moment might be without that song playing in the background. 

At least it might be a little more sane.  

Ryosuke hadn’t missed the way Yuri had worded that, unsurprised that Yuri had no intentions of being involved in planning anything, yet, he honestly had no idea, a million lists running through his mind of all of the different things that would have to take place, reluctantly admitting, “Umm…a few…month–” 

These eyes will not be blinded by the lights!
From now on!
What’s waited ’til tomorrow starts tonight!
It starts tonight!


The word hung in the air, as if he were a queen telling the court guards to take off a prisoner’s head, Yuri pulled his head back, daring Ryosuke to argue, “Make it weeks.” 

Ryosuke stared at him for a moment, dumbfounded, then paced quickly across the space, his mind whirling, “Umm…I…I dunno how long it would…there’s so many factors, there’s a lot we have to consider, and we would have to go to th–” 

He nearly ran over top of Yuri who had moved closer to him while his back was turned and blocked his path, his hands shooting out to grab his upper arms to keep from knocking him down. Yuri reached up to take Ryosuke’s hands, “You can do it,” Yuri’s voice was soft, the authoritative tone completely absent as he grabbed Ryosuke’s hands to lead him to the couch, making him sit down, as he climbed up onto his lap, straddling him. 

He rest his hands on Ryosuke’s shoulders before he leaned forward to press his cheek against his own, his voice soft in his ear, “Tell me–for an incredibly talented internationally acclaimed actor and idol…” 

Yuri pressed a soft kiss to Ryosuke’s cheek before he continued, “An idol who has what I honestly think must be an obscene amount of money that he keeps tucked away safely because he doesn’t ever spend it on much of anything and who wants to marry the guy he loves…” 

Yuri drew back, his eyes twinkling as he ran his fingers through Ryosuke’s hair, tugging on the ends of it, making him wiggle with chills before he drew them forward to hold his face, leaning infinitely closer, “For that guy, for that guy who knows so many people, has connections across all avenues of various industries, and knows how to properly pull strings because even though he lives in complete denial through his day to day life of this fact…” 

He leaned forward, gently kissing him, his lips nipping softly at Ryosuke’s before he opened his eyes, his voice like a praise and a demand, a bribe and an oath all in one, “For that guy who wields unbelievable star power with his name alone…for that guy…” he tilted his head, pressing another series of soft tender kisses against Ryosuke’s lips, drawing back enough to speak, his lips still fluttering against Ryosuke’s as he spoke the words, “For that guy how long would it take him to plan our wedding?” 

“A…a few weeks probably…” Ryosuke mumbled, confused by the spell he felt he was under, the influence of Yuri’s charm a powerful force. 

“A few weeks then?” Yuri spoke and his voice was back to normal, leaning past Ryosuke to get his cellphone from the table, tapping the screen as his brows drew down, completely ignoring when Ryosuke’s hands moved up his legs to rest on his hips, his fingertips digging into them in frustration. 

“Valentine’s day…it’s 23 days from now, and an international holiday so it would be an awesome anniversary date,” Yuri announced, moving the phone a bit so he could see Ryosuke’s face, “That work?” 

“But Ree I don’t kn–” 

“I know you can do it!” 

I can?” 

“I know you can.” 

“I dunn–” Ryosuke’s words were cut off, his eyes narrowing as he watched Yuri’s face transform, the gorgeous, powerful, sexy man who was there moments before turning into a tiny puppy right before his eyes, causing Ryosuke to groan, swiping his hand down his face in frustration, hissing violently, “Damn it, Ree.” 

“For me?” Yuri blinked his eyes softly, fluttering his lashes as his bottom lip slowly drew into the perfected pout, “For me, your precious Chiisana, you could, couldn’t you?” 

Ryosuke sighed, knowing resistance was utterly futile, “I would do anything for you, you know that…” 

Yuri smiled so brightly that Ryosuke wondered how he wasn’t blinded by it, his entire form radiating with pure light and happiness, and he knew he’d do anything for him, no matter what it was, no matter how impossible, grinning when Yuri shifted backwards, sliding off his legs into the floor on his knees, his voice soft when he spoke again, looking at him with the softest expression, “Then…marry me.” 

Ryosuke leaned forward, running his hands across Yuri’s shoulders before one of his hands cupped the back of his head, drawing him forward to press his lips against Yuri’s in a searing kiss, taking his time to try to express how he was feeling, and then when Yuri was completely breathless, a puddle of messy feelings there on the floor, he drew back, the words soft against his skin, “You marry me?” 


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