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[2.21] Secret (October 2018)
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Yamada Ryosuke & Chinen Yuri


Yamada x Chinen

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Angst, Hurt/Comfot, precious thoughts of each other, memories and sweetness, Fluffy, romance, sweet love, first love, marriage, domestic, the way they love is so PURE




MxM Relationship

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Secret (October 2018-->Day Before Trip To Qatar)

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Music Inspiration: Calling You by Blue October

The boys arrived separately to the studio, just in case there were eyes watching, though Yamamoto-san had told them it would be a closed photo session–neither of them were willing to take any chances at this point. The best they could do for each other was to never let their guard down–in particular after the chaos that rumors had created in both of their lives these last few months.

In truth, this was the last thing either of them wanted to to do on the day before Yuri would be leaving to fly out for his work overseas in Qatar–but the agency had sent a message first thing this morning ‘requesting’ they attend the shoot since it was a special request from Yamamoto-san who had been one of their most beloved photographers, not to mention a truly dear and beloved friend of theirs.

Ryosuke would have very likely refused, blowing the entire thing off at the risk of making the Jimusho angry but when he heard it was Sachiko-chan he couldn’t do it…instead, out of sheer aggravation and his inability to control his impulses, he’d misdirected his anger and randomly picked a fight with Yuri about something so stupid he couldn’t remember what it was now, his frustrations overflowing in a very volatile way that should never have happened. Now that he’d had time to clear his head, he sighed despondently as he pulled into the parking lot, pressing his head down onto his fists against the steering wheel in agitation.

They’d ended up in separate rooms at the office while getting their hair and makeup done, which was both good and bad–giving him time to consider how stupid he was, but alternately a horrible idea because it had given him so much time to consider how stupid he was. He hadn’t seen Yuri since they’d left the house a few hours before, so he’d not even had a chance to say he was sorry, not willing to do it via text–after all, he had the will to eviscerate him person, he certainly should have the courage to apologize in person as well.  

Setting aside the fact that the blow up wasn’t completely intentional, there was no excuse for being so rediculously stupid…he knew that, but he wasn’t used to this, wasn’t used to letting him go. 

I’m probably never going to handle this properly.

I’m such an idiot.

It wasn’t that he had set out to cause the fight, but at the same time, he needed to hit something or yell or throw something, because he didn’t like it…didn’t like it at all…and yelling at Yuri was preferable to crying in front of him again.

You fucking idiot.

You freak out and yell at him instead of crying.

Pretty damn sure he’d rather you have cried.

Damn it.

He knew it was stupid, now that he was sitting here alone in his car he understood, he might not have set out to do it, but he let it happen anyway because he could still, even after all of these years, be so painfully oblivious to his own insecurities and feelings about Yuri that it was shocking.

I don’t know how he puts up with me.

He’s a freaking saint.

He jumped when the knock sounded on the window, jerking to the side to see Yuri standing there, having just been dropped off by his manager. He nodded, when their eyes met a flood of words rushing to his mouth, but he just swallowed hard, knowing they’d have to wait, they had work to do. He grabbed his bag and shuffled out of the car feeling awkward. 

Yuri pretended to look around the parking lot while he waited for him to finish gathering his stuff and then fell into step beside him as they approached the studio.

“I’m sorry,” Ryosuke whispered, his eyes focused forward, but Yuri glanced over at him, taking in his dejected posture, smiling despite himself, and wishing he could draw him into his arms and console him.

“S’alright,” Yuri murmured softly, sincerity painting his words, “I understand.”

Don’t do that,” Ryosuke snapped, his head turning to look at Yuri as he opened the door, hissing the words between his teeth as he let Yuri walk through past him, “If I’m a stupid ass let me apologize for being one.”

Yuri just laughed, shaking his head before he tilted it close to Ryosuke’s ear, whispering softly enough the assistant who was approaching them wouldn’t hear, “Fine, stop picking fights with me so you have a way to be mad at me before I leave so you don’t have to be honest about your feelings…it’s a total dumb ass move, jerk!”

Ryosuke stifled a laugh at how quickly Yuri had managed to speak such a bold statement, yet, once again he found himself dumbfounded and surprised at how intuitive Yuri was, maybe not about everything in life, but about him? 

About them? 

Yeah, Yuri didn’t miss anything, and this situation was no exception in that he clearly understood more about what was happening within Ryosuke than he did himself.

Ryosuke had to avert his eyes as he watched Yuri instantly turn on the charm to speak to the assistant as she led them down the hallway to the dressing rooms, taking over the situation in a way that Ryosuke usually handled himself because Yuri was normally the quiet one…but again, he seemed to have this figured out even while Ryosuke was still struggling with it.

He glanced to the studio as they passed by it, surprised that there was no one there at all–in fact, now that he looked around, they appeared to be the only ones there.


I guess she told the truth after all.

“So, just change into those outfits and meet us out in the studio! We won’t keep you long, you’re our only shoot for the day, and apparently she has a very clear vision for what she’s doing–so it shouldn’t be but about half an hour, at least that’s what she told me,” the assistant nodded, then stepped out of the room, closing the door so they could change.

Yuri moved into the changing stall that had his name written on the small chalkboard outside of it, not bothering to close the curtain, after all, he had nothing to hide from Ryosuke, yanking his shirt over his head so he could put on the outfit that was hanging there. He pulled the shirt off the hanger, glancing up when Ryosuke cleared his throat, pausing to study him as he was still standing there in the same place he’d been since they’d entered the room, looking rather lost.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yuri asked, tilting his head as he tried to read him.

“I’m sorry,” Ryosuke whispered, his voice rough with emotion, dropping his bag on the floor and rushing forward, sweeping Yuri up into his embrace, his arms trapped under Ryosuke’s firm ones, his face buried against his neck as he squeezed him so hard he could hardly breathe, “I’m really sorry.”

Yuri grunted quietly, unable to form a word as he was sincerely struggling to take a breath, something Ryosuke must have realized as he loosened his grip, laughing softly, “Sorry…sorry…”

“Ryo-chan,” Yuri whispered, his fingers smoothing across his abdomen to grasp his hips, tilting his head to press a soft, tender kiss against his cheek, “I understand what is happening, so calm down.”

“You shouldn’t have to understand,” Ryosuke shuddered, his body shaking under Yuri’s touch, “I should be a grown ass man…I mean I actually am a damn grown ass man…I just…I tend to…handle these kind of things…”

“Like a toddler,” Yuri finished his thought, smiling against his skin, “I know, it’s okay.”

“You’re too good for me,” Ryosuke smiled against his neck, pressing his lips against his pulse point, wishing even still they were both at home, holding each other as they spent a lazy morning, waking up one another with soft whispers and tender touches instead of a rude message from the agency forcing them to leave home on such an emotionally volatile day.

“Pfft,” Yuri rolled his eyes, nudging Ryosuke’s stomach with his hands, “You know that’s not true.”

Ryosuke drew back, his voice soft, “I know, but…sometimes it is.”

Never,” Yuri whispered, smiling, “We just take turns, right?

“I suppose,” Ryosuke laughed softly, weak in the knees when Yuri’s fingers drew against his shoulder, twining through the hair at the nape of his neck harshly as he pulled him down to a reconciliatory kiss, then shoved him back as he admonished him, “Get your pretty ass over there and get dressed so we can go home, Mr. Yamada,” he raised his eyebrows up and down, teasing him, “I have plans for you this evening.”

Ryosuke growled, yanking him back forward by his belt buckles into a searing kiss before he released him, laughing lightly as he watched the dizzy way Yuri was swaying before he raised an eyebrow, his voice dripping with seduction, “Wrong, Mr. Yamada, I have plans for YOU this evening.”

“Sounds good,” Yuri’s eyes twinkled in delight as he pulled the white t-shirt on, “Let’s do that then.”

Ryosuke stared at him dumbfounded for a moment before he laughed loudly, never prepared for the way Yuri’s sly mind worked and how easily he manipulated situations to get what he wanted.

Whatever…all I want is to give him whatever he wants anyway.

“You’re positively evil,” Ryosuke shook his head, moving to his stall to get dressed.

“You love me and you know it,” Yuri called out, pulling on the pants, then sitting down to put on the shoes.

“I absolutely do,” Ryosuke admitted simply from the other side of the wall.

After a few minutes, they’d finished getting dressed the walked out to the dressing room and then laughed when they saw one another, glancing down and then back at the other when they realized they were dressed in matching outfits, every detail the same, including their shoes.

“Huh,” Yuri laughed, shrugging, “The assistant did say she had a vision, right?”

Ryosuke nodded, “She did indeed,” he mused, opening the door and gesturing for Yuri to go in front of him, heading to the studio stage, careful to keep a proper distance between them because they didn’t know this assistant after all.

“Ryo-chan! Yuri-chan!” the photographer squealed, rushing over to drag them both into a hug, causing both of the boys to laugh as she rushed into a commentary of ‘mothering’ them, gushing about their accomplishments and carefully adjusting their hair from her mussing it up.

“You look like you’ve finally gained some weight, Yuri!” she smiled in approval.

“Ryosuke has been making me work out three times a week,” Yuri admitted, causing her to nod, “It’s good to see you Yamamoto-san.”

She tilted her head for a moment, her expression quizzical at being addressed so formally, mumbling absently, “Yamamoto-san…” and then she laughed loudly, startling both of the boys, “Oh! You’re worried about Kiko?”

She turned, gesturing to the girl who was busy with setting filters on the lights, “Kiko! Please–meet my babies, Ryosuke and Yuri!”

“We met,” Kiko reminded her, “I showed them in.”

“Right, I know, but they think you’re worrisome…”

“Oh…ohhhhh,” the girl nodded, waving her hand in the air, “I know the truth, you two have nothing to fear–I’m her niece…she could destroy me with the material she has to blackmail me with.”

The girl shrugged, “Plus, I hardcore ship it, so you know…there’s that.”

The boys laughed at the blunt admission and Ryosuke finally released the breath he’d felt like he’d been holding, taking a moment to actually hug the photographer again, “Sachiko-chan, it’s so good to see you.”

That’s better,” she responded, hugging him tightly, “I can’t believe I haven’t seen you two since your anniversary picture session!”

“We’ve been busy,” Yuri responded, smiling at her excitement.

He’s been busy,” Ryosuke corrected, gesturing at Yuri with his thumb, wanting to brag on his husband as it was rare to just be able to speak freely to anyone apart from the other members who clearly mostly ignored him or their families who already knew everything, relishing in the opportunity to shine a light on him, feeling so proud of his achievements, “He’s even going overseas for work now!”

Actually, I knew about that,” Sachiko admitted, tilting her head down to avert her eyes, “I should apologize right now for calling you two in today, I know it’s the last day for you before he leaves. It’s really very selfish of me.”

Ryosuke struggled to understand what she was saying, blinking rapidly as he tried to make sense of it.

“I just…I really wanted to capture this…ah…just…can we please just do this, and then I promise that you guys can go home and have a blissful rest of your day together.”

Ryosuke felt sorry for her, having to apologize for doing her job, though he was curious about the phrasing, because it almost sounded to him like she was doing this for her own purpose and not for the magazines she worked for.

Before he could consider it any further, she rushed off to the stage, calling for them to follow.

“Yama-chan,” she gestured to the left side of the glass wall that was erected on the middle of the stage, “You’re going to sit on that side of the glass, and Yuri,” she glanced over at him, then pointed to the other side, “You’re there.”

“Okay,” Ryosuke wondered about the set design, a very basic set up, which was something he was used to, but to be on the other side of a piece of glass? 

He had to wonder if they’d ever done anything like that? 

He thought about how they’d used mirrors before, but honestly, he didn’t see the point in a piece of glass, after all, they’d be able to see each other with no problem.  Still he trusted Sachiko with all he had, after all she was responsible for pretty much every portrait that he treasured of him and Yuri together, including those from their wedding, so there was no reason to imagine this would not be a masterpiece.

“Just sit down next to the glass,” she instructed, messing with her camera and alternately looking through it, then adjusting settings, and looking through it again, just normal stuff she usually did while Kiko carefully directed the boys into position with their backs against the glass, facing away from each other.

Sachiko was looking through her camera for a while and then she cleared her throat, stepping toward Ryosuke who looked up at her from his position on the floor.

“What’s this?” she leaned over, looping the edge of a chain he had tucked under his shirt as she pulled on it carefully, realizing he had it on specifically because Yuri didn’t have any jewelry on.

“Oh,” Ryosuke glanced down, pulling the necklace out to reveal the pendent on the end, “It was a gift from Yuri this morning…I…I’m sorry…”

He twisted to look back at Yuri where he’d turned to watch him, a small sweet smile playing at his lips as Ryosuke continued to talk, “I should have taken it off,” he reached his hands up to unclasp it when Sachiko patted at his hands quickly, slapping them away from the clasp.

“No! No! Leave it, I love it,” she mused, “If anyone asks I’ll tell them it was from costuming…” she gave Ryosuke a no-nonsense look when she could tell he was threatening to argue under the current circumstances of jewelry debacles in his world, she smiled reassuringly, “I promise, you have nothing to worry about.”

Ryosuke glanced over at Yuri who shrugged, “I think it’s fine, no one would guess anything unique about it.”

Ryosuke considered this and then nodded, “Alright.”

“Tell me the story,” Sachiko whispered, an instrumental song beginning to play softly behind her, and she shifted back, moving slowly as she took test shots of the boys just sitting against the glass without worrying yet about angles or composition.

“I had it custom made, I’ve been working on it for nearly two months,” Yuri smiled as he twisted his fingers, secretly quite proud of himself for thinking outside of the box, “I had Hikka help me design it.”

Sachiko hummed but remained silent, letting them tell the story.

“He had it hanging on the hook with my bathrobe so I’d see it when I got out of the shower this morning…with a note written on the mirror,” Ryosuke laughed softly, “It said ‘something to keep me close’.”

“He didn’t know what it meant, not at first,” Yuri giggled knowingly, “Then I showed him the secret.”

Sachiko continued to click images, settling down on the floor facing the middle of the glass as she whispered the question softly, “What was the secret?

“It is hollow on the inside, that’s the trick right, I had it made so it looks like a normal pendant–but it’s empty, and it opens up–so I tucked a lock of my hair in it, along with this tiny scrap of a prayer.”

He fell silent for a moment, and his voice was tinged with a heavy emotion when he resumed speaking, “It was this little bit of a paper from a prayer that I’d written…something I’d held onto…that I saved when I was desperately trying to get his attention on during our ‘Coming of Age’ ceremony…”

Ryosuke’s body shuddered with a deep sigh, the emotions rolling off of his body as his fingers touched the necklace carefully, “It’s…it’s just…perfect! Like…the most perfect gift ever. I didn’t…”

Ryosuke swallowed hard, his eyes shifting up to the lights as he blinked and Sachiko could tell he was trying to not cry at whatever he was thinking about, “I…I never knew he did that…that…he’d been thinking that way…had…done it on that day…not until now…just this morning…I knew then.”

What’s that?” Sachiko kept her voice low, the mood so gentle between the boys despite the glass between them it was something so beautiful and touching.

“He went to the temple the morning of our ceremony, way before anyone else even thought about waking up…he…he spent all of this time praying…for so many hours…about me…about…us.”

“I did do that…” Yuri whispered softly, his eyes focusing on the floor, wishing he could see Ryosuke, “I was so afraid of letting that day pass without confessing my feelings…like…everything would fall away if I let it slip by.”

Sachiko remained silent as their story unfolded, words spoken by each of them and the aura surrounding them seemed to take on a sacredness that she could never have hoped for, her fingers moving with skill and desperation to capture the very essence of what made them who they were.


“I was terrified,” Ryosuke admitted, “I’m not even kidding…I really thought he’d never love someone like me.”

“I was convinced I never stood a chance…he’d never want someone like me…” Yuri whispered softly.

Silence stretched out, both of the boys lost in their own minds, the years of doubts and fears, of struggles and unknowns, of things they could control and the million and one they could never have–a heavy weight falling upon them as they reflected on what once was, what they’d both faced–their own nightmares, their own demons all fighting to keep them apart.

Sachiko felt it, and then she saw it, the moment of sheer vulnerability held within each of them, the haunting memories of what was, and what could have beenhad they not finally taken the step forward. She had no idea they’d struggled this way…though it wasn’t something she’d wondered about before, there was a part of her that assumed they’d always known they loved each other–at least when she got to know them that’s how it had felt to her…but now?

To find out that they’d spent YEARS suffering in silence? That they didn’t confess until their Coming of Age ceremony? She couldn’t believe it, her heart beating wildly at the very idea of such a long time nursing unrequited love.

What happened that day?” she asked softly, and Ryosuke jumped, as if startled out of his internal dialogue.

He smiled, his heart tender within his eyes, and she could tell it was meaningful to him, that maybe no one else had ever even asked him about this. Yuri’s head ducked down, and his cheeks tinged pink before he laughed softly.

“He kissed me,” Yuri spoke quickly before Ryosuke could say anything.

Ryosuke laughed, shaking his head, “No, he kissed ME.”

Sachiko grinned, loving the two of them so much, staying silent to keep from interfering too much, her lens capturing every moment of their revelations.

“I did,” Yuri admitted finally, “…because you were never going to do it.”

Ryosuke smiled at that, “I think I was the one who actually came to you and started the conversation.”

“If by ‘started the conversation’ you meant punched the wall–then sure, sure…”

They both laughed softly, a sigh shared between the two of them at the memory, Yuri’s voice tender with the memory, “It was perfect. Everything was perfect.”

His fingers lifted to touch his lips for a moment, his eyes closing when Ryosuke spoke, his voice whimsical, “It was perfect…my first kiss.”

Yuri hummed, because it had been his first kiss too, and then Sachiko whispered softly, “Turn toward me, keeping your shoulders on the glass, please do not look at each other, just look at me.”

The boys both began to shift gingerly, their limbs feeling heavy from the atmosphere, and Kiko moved as quickly and as unobtrusively as possible behind them, carefully moving their hands into position where the mark had been placed, then shifted back to her position to handle the lighting. 

Sachiko’s breath was stolen as she snapped the images, something held within the gentle curves and slopes of the boy’s faces that she hadn’t seen before in all of the images she’d taken of them. Held within their eyes as if glimpsing into the very heart of them. 

They were so raw, so open to her, and she absently wondered if these images might be too much for publication, if they might reveal too much about their relationship after all.

She could tell they wanted to look at each other, she could feel it like a tangible, living thing in the room with them, and then Ryosuke’s head tilted to touch the glass between them, ever the obedient idol, not willing to break the rule set before him, his words so soft if she hadn’t been watching him she might not have realized he’d spoken at all.

I love you, Yuri.” 

Yuri’s expression was filled with an emotion that Sachiko had rarely seen, used to him being a vibrant ray of joy and enthusiasm, the words seemed to cause him to suffer, not in a truly negative way perhaps, but the glass between them clearly felt far too cold for the emotional content of the conversation, his fingertips which had been delicately touching the glass up until this point turning white from the way he was pressing into it now.

“It’s a little like the distance between you when you’re forced to be apart…like when you will be gone,” Sachiko murmured, clearly referring to the glass, and she saw the flicker of understanding in their eyes, and then their expressions morphed yet again, the reality of the past being distant and beyond them now seemed to wash across both of them, and then the truth that Yuri was leaving the next day also was painted like a mask of pain across their features. 

And then, like a dream, more perfect than anything she could have ever imagined or planned or tried to orchestrate as much as she’d considered every single detail of this shoot, their heads turned slowly, apart from whatever rules and implications of breaking them–it no longer mattered, because it was as if they’d surrendered to fate, yet, there was no rush, there was no frenzy in their movements, rather, there was the patience of those who had known tribulation in their echoed movements, their eyes shifting slowly up the glass to discover their hands, placed perfectly together on the glass, the surface so cold under their fingertips and palms despite having the other just on the other side, the one inch of glass stretching like a world between them.

If Sachiko had imagined what expression they would have made in this moment, she would have bet on them being sad, but rather, there was a different one found between them. They weren’t sad at all, and while they were surely introspective, she saw clearly the truth there, in the gleam of their eyes, in the careful set of their mouths, in the way their chests rose and fell, in the delicate impression of truth she saw nothing but certainty

They knew this was real, and that the wall between them was nothing, it meant nothing, and when their eyes moved of their own volition to meet one another, as if they had no control over it but a force greater than both of them demanded it, their expression softened impossibly further. 

Sachiko gestured to Kiko to follow her, and they slowly withdrew as quietly as they could to give them a moment. 

Ryosuke heard them leave, immediately shifting onto his knees, shuffling around the edge of the glass wall that had separated them, Yuri already lifted up to meet him, their hands soft on one another, touching frantically, as they seemed to be desperate to confirm this was real, that the place their minds had taken them, the dark ugly ‘what might have been’ needing to be overwritten with what was, and their foreheads pressed together, laughing softly as they tried to calm each other down.

Ryosuke’s hands moved up Yuri’s neck, splaying out to hold his cheeks in his hands and his smile was breathtaking as he whispered frantically, “Chiisana, I’m stupidly jealous of the people who will have you for a week, but I’m so hella proud of you for being so amazing.”

“I don’t care about any of those people!” Yuri spoke quickly, his hands running up Ryosuke’s back, “Stop thinking that! I’m going to go crazy missing you!”

“You have to call me!” Ryosuke pulled him close, his arms moving around his back, pressing his lips against his cheek, “Seriously, I don’t give a fuck what time it is you damn well better call me, you got me?”

“I’ll call you all of the time, I’ll wake you up constantly! I’ll send pictures!” Yuri confirmed, shuffling closer still.

“And texts, too!” Ryosuke drew back, holding his shoulders to jostling him softly.

“You’ll get so tired of my texts you’ll turn your phone off!” Yuri laughed gently, shaking his head.

“I really am glad you get to do this job, Ree! Seriously.” Ryosuke tucked his head into his hair, inhaling the scent deeply.

“Me too, but I still need you, even over there! I’ve never done anything like this! Canada was even different!” Yuri clenched his eyes shut, his hands clinging to Ryosuke.

“I’ll be here, I’ll be here for whatever you need! No matter what you need! I promise! You can do this!” Ryosuke pulled back, pressing kisses to his forehead, to his temple, to his crown, holding him close.

Their hands and lips and bodies were starved for touch, needing to confirm every part of this conversation in a visceral way–and once the words slowed down, they laughed together softly, Yuri’s voice gentle and soothing, “Ryo-chan, thank you for supporting me.” 

Yuri smiled, turning his head to press a kiss to Ryosuke’s palm, “I’m gonna miss you so much.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m gonna miss the hell out of you Ree!” Ryosuke sighed softly, his eyes fluttering closed, “…but…I’ll be cheering for you from here, and I’ll be waiting for you to come back home to me.”

“I won’t be long,” Yuri affirmed, promising, “Then I’ll come home to you.”

Ryosuke hummed in agreement, his fingers touching Yuri’s cheeks lightly before gliding around his neck as he drew him up, his lips delicate and gentle as he kissed him, knowing he was already working on the best way to say goodbye to him and that maybe this was the first note of that aria.

“Let’s go home,” Yuri smiled into the kiss causing Ryosuke to pull back, laughing when Ryosuke fluttered a smattering of kisses across every inch of his face, and then nodded, standing up quickly to reach his hand down to Yuri to help him up. 

They turned, glancing around for Sachiko and Kiko, not sure where they’d gone, so they moved slowly down the hallway, hearing a faint noise coming from in the office.

Ryosuke cleared his throat, discovering Sachiko alone in the room, feeling awkward and embarrassed for their lack of professionalism, “I’m sorry about that, we sh–”

“Oh, shut it!” Sachiko snapped, standing up and pulling the two of them into a side armed hug, “I set you two up for this and it was better than I could have imagined.”

“Huh?” Yuri scoffed.

“What?” Ryosuke drew back, “What do you mean? Wasn’t this for the magazine?”

“It is, it is,” Sachiko rushed to explain, “but the deadline isn’t until a few weeks from now and we could have done it after Yuri returned, but somehow I had this in my head of the glass and you two and the emotions, and then…well…it was beautiful. Thank you both so much.”

The boys blushed furiously and she drew her hands up to touch their cheeks, “If I didn’t already know so much of your story, even just this today would have convinced me of how truly you two are meant to be.”

Ryosuke nodded his head, glancing over at Yuri who was staring at him, and then she became overwhelmed with emotion, taking a deep breath and then twisting to hand them a box that had been sitting on her desk, “I can’t…just…there’s a note in there for you–I’ll…I’ll see you next month!”

She rushed past them, clearly to protect them from her emotional overload and they both turned to watch her moving down the hallway and turning into the bathroom. 

Ryosuke looked down at the box in his hands, confusion marring his features, “What in the world–”

Yuri picked the lid up off of the box, pulling out the folded stationary held within and lifting it so they could read it together.


Here’s a video I made of today’s session. I know I should have told you but I wanted something organic and real, and you two did not fail to deliver. Thank you for putting up with me and my crazy mind. 

There’s also a disk with the images on it, all of them, I took A LOT…

I checked and there’s a few I will be able to submit for the spread, but the rest…well, there’s too much in them that the world just shouldn’t see–and I think they belong to you two–I’ve already deleted them off my drive so you’ll have the only copy of them.

You two inspire me, you always did, but I didn’t know all your history, not this bit of it, and now I am even further moved by your love story. Thank you for sharing it with me. I hope these tokens of my affection express how much your trust in me truly means.

You two keep taking care of each other, even if the glass that separates you grows as wide as an ocean. Your love is not limited by distance. That’s abundantly clear to me.

Until next time!

All my best, 


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