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[2.22] The Best Snowman (December 2018)
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Yamada Ryosuke & Chinen Yuri


Yamada x Chinen

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Fluffy, romance, sweet love, slice of life, cute boys playing in the snow, features OkaJima FLUFF, Yama-chan about to beat some kids tho




MxM Relationship

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The Best Snowman (December 2018) Hey Say 7 build a snowman

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Ryosuke had dragged himself into the elevator, exhaustion causing him to lean against the railing as he crunched the last of the candy cane he’d grabbed on his way out of the office, moving to open their door, glad to be home after another long day of filming, cold, cranky and ready to just crawl into bed and sleep for a month, preferably with Yuri in his arms. 

He knew it was impossible, but he still wanted it so much.

He shuffled around the corner, surprised when he discovered Yuto and Keito sitting at the bar in the kitchen, Yuri standing across from them, pushing the mugs of hot cocoa he’d just made toward them, his eyes lighting up when Ryosuke entered the room.

“Hey babe!” Yuri smiled, moving quickly to kiss him, his fingers reaching up to drag the cap off his head, smiling at his messy hair, and then he looked at him, really looked at him.

“Rough day?” 

“You could say that,” Ryosuke murmured, dragging Yuri into his arms, squeezing him as he buried his head into his neck, not remotely caring about the other two in the room, as he just needed to ground himself again, and that could only happen within Yuri’s arms.

It wouldn’t have mattered, of course, even if Ryosuke was worried about what the other two thought, as they glanced at each other, their grins soft as they linked pinkies under the counter, always grateful for the love between Ryosuke and Yuri and the role it had seemed to forever play in their own love story.

Yuri’s hands stroked Ryosuke back, his voice soft in his ear, a whispered purr, “I’ve got you, you’re home now. Take a breath with me, okay?”

He felt Ryosuke hum softly, and then like they’d done so many times before, they instantly inhaled a deep breath together.

To Yuri it seemed as if he could literally feel the stress, worries, and uncertainties melt away with each breath they shared, Ryosuke’s stiffness giving way to fluidity, so he decided to push forward with his plan, “I’ve decided what you need.”

Ryosuke grunted, his fists clenching against Yuri’s back as he swayed softly in his arms.

“I think you need a good snowball fight,” Yuri responded, his fingertips tracing the pattern on Ryosuke’s sweater, “Blow off some steam…”

“I’m not sure that’s what I really need,” Ryosuke whispered, twisting his head to press a gentle kiss against Yuri’s neck, laughing softly when he felt him stiffen for a moment and then huff dramatically.

I think it is,” Yuri tried to pull back but Ryoske held him fast, sighing slowly when he felt Ryosuke’s head lift, glad that his own head was blocking him from the two sitting at the counter when his tongue slowly traced a line up to his ear, his fingertips on his hip squeezing at the same time his mouth moved softly on the edge as he spoke in a whisper.

“I’m pretty sure all I need is you.”

Yuri clenched his eyes closed for a moment, then blinked rapidly to clear his mind, head jerking to the side when Yuto slammed his hand down on the counter, speaking far louder than he needed to, “You two can get your freak on after we leave, but we’re here for a snowball fight and I damn well expect one.”

Yuri felt the way Ryosuke had stopped breathing, his entire body stilled, and then he bit his lip as Ryosuke pulled back, his eyes focused intently on his when they met.

“Is that so?” Ryosuke asked Yuto, his eyes not leaving Yuri’s.

“Yep!” Yuto crowed, “I’ve been waiting all year for this!”

“Uh-huh,” Ryosuke tilted his head, his eyes speaking clearly to Yuri.

You’re going to get mad at me if I beat him aren’t you?

Yuri’s eyebrow rose slowly, and then he shrugged so faintly no one other than Ryosuke could have possibly understood the body language.

Just…at least, let him feel like he’s got a chance this year, after all, he’s still trying to impress Keito now that they’re married!

“Sounds fun, yeah?” Yuri asked his eyes fixed on Ryosuke, “I thought th–”

Yuri’s response was stalled by Ryosuke’s lips pressing firmly against his own when he realized that Yuri wasn’t going to be mad at him if he beat Yuto in the snowball fight. 

Drawing back, his eyes bright as they took in how breathless Yuri had become from the kiss, watching as his tongue peeked out to lick the faint taste of peppermint left on them from the candy cane he’d eaten on his way upstairs, his smile beautiful, his words elated, “Hell yeah!”

He turned to look at Yuto, his eyes narrowing, “Let’s do this thing!”

It was no surprise to anyone that Ryosuke literally dominated the entire play field, and in addition quite literally beat their asses in the snowball fight, but at least Yuri reasoned in his mind he’d be noodle like relaxed when they went back upstairs having released all of his pent up frustrations via snowball, smack talk, and dodging.

He was pleased that at least Ryosuke had given Yuto a few advantages like the upper quadrant of the park, as well as wearing a bright red coat, which honestly, made him a perfect target. Even so, Yuto eventually took his final smack to the face nearly straight on and Keito had quite literally quit instantly in fear that Ryosuke was going to do the same to him. 

Naturally, he never hit Yuri, he knew better, though Yuri had spent the entire game pelting him with snowballs as hard as he could like it was his new religion.

He loved that Ryosuke refused to hit him with a snowball.

He wasn’t sure why he wouldn’t do it either, he just never had, he had always avoided it, and if it came down to it, he would probably let Yuri win if it meant having to hit him with a snowball.

The four of them were laid out on the snow, panting heavily as they tried to catch their breath, Yuto and Ryosuke connecting their fists as the praised one another for a good game.

Ryosuke lifted his head up to glance next to Yuto where Keito was moving, “What are you doing?”

“Snow angel,” Keito responded, his arms and legs flapping in and out.

“What?” Yuri sat up, turning to look at Keito.

Keito laughed, standing up carefully and then gesturing to where he had been laying, “See–an angel.”

“I see an angel,” Yuto spoke smoothly, his fingertips grabbing Keito’s who just blushed furiously and hastily told him to shut up as he helped him up off the ground.

“I’m building a snowman before I throw up from you two flirting,” Ryosuke announced after making his own snow angel on the ground, standing up to move to the fresh snow close to the treeline.

Yuto scoffed, his eyes moving to Yuri with a very clear ‘what the hell’ look on his face, causing Yuri to simply shrug, “He’s completely oblivious.”

Yuto shook his head, “It’s absurd is what it is.”

“Eh,” Yuri couldn’t be bothered over it, “He just likes messing with you two, he really loves it, so don’t worry.”

“I know,” Yuto laughed lightly, “I just play along to keep him happy.”

“You’re a good friend,” Yuri smiled as they approached where Ryosuke was crawling across the ground like a toddler to roll up a huge ball for the bottom of the snowman.

They helped a little bit but left most of the work to Ryosuke who seemed to have a vision beyond their talents.

He’d just put the nose made of a small stone on the face, standing back to admire his handiwork when a group of children walked by, snickering loudly, and mocking the snowman.

Yuri’s eyes widened as his head jerked to the side to look at Ryosuke–while Yuto did his best to subtly drag Keito to the side out of the imminent blast zone.

“What the fu–” Ryosuke shuffled forward as if he were going to follow the children to correct them.

“Ryo!” Yuri jumped in front of him, standing on his tippy-toes to block Ryosuke’s view of the children who were walking away, discussing the snowman rather loudly.

“Hey!” Yuri jumped up again, waving his arms in the air, “HEY!”

Ryosuke huffed, shaking his head as he leveled his glare on Yuri, “WHAT!?”

“You need to calm down,” Yuri snapped in his ‘no nonsense’ voice, waving behind himself in the direction the children had went, “They’re like…five year old kids–what do they know about the perfect snowman?”

“They were rude,” Ryosuke pouted, crossing his arms in agitation, glancing at his snowman, “I thought…it’s a good snowman.”

“It’s the best snowman,” Yuri confirmed, “They’re just dumb kids, uncultured in the ways of snowmen, it’s best to just let them learn on their own.”

“I guess,” Ryosuke sighed. glancing to the side when he saw movement out of his peripheral vision to discover Yuto moving behind Keito, his arms wrapping around his waist as he rest his chin on his shoulder, smiling at Ryosuke.

“The snowman’s perfect,” Yuto nodded, “Don’t let those brats get to you.”

“I agree,” Keito confirmed.

Yuto twisted his head to try to look at Keito, “You hungry?”

“Yeah,” Keito nodded, twisting his head, his eyes widening when Yuto kissed his cheek cheerfully.

“Let’s go eat, yeah?” 

“Yeah,” Keito agreed, their eyes moving to see Ryosuke and Yuri watching them forwardly.

“What?” Yuto snapped, his eyes narrowing as they locked with Ryosuke’s.

“I am really happy for you two,” Ryosuke smiled, reaching over to drag Yuri into his side, “That’s all, we both are.”

“Wh–We…alright,” Yuto had no idea how to respond to the statement, his breath whooshing out when Keito’s elbow hit his tummy.

“Thank you,” Keito responded softly, “We’re gonna go eat, you guys wanna go?”

“Nah,” Yuri interrupted Ryosuke when he opened his mouth to speak, his hand squeezing hard around his waist, “We’re alright, maybe next time.”

“Sure,” Keito nodded, grabbing Yuto’s hand and dragging him away with promises of a hotpot and dessert.

Ryosuke and Yuri watched them go, both feeling rather proud of the two boys and their relationship, thankful for their friendship, and that they let Ryosuke think he made the best snowman ever.

“So, where are you right now?” Ryosuke asked, his entire form vibrating in the seat where he was, his eyes locked with Yuri’s who was gesturing for him to ‘tell me!’. 

Ryosuke waved his hand dismissively, pressing the phone closer to his ear, the sound of shuffling and Yuto saying ‘excuse me’ to someone loudly spoken through the earpiece.

“YUTO!” Ryosuke had about lost his patience, “WHERE ARE YOU NOW?!”

“Shhh!” Yuto hissed back, Ryosuke narrowed his eyes in response, making Yuri laugh as he fully suspected exactly what it was that had just happened, throwing himself down on the couch beside him, glaring as he snipped, “Serves you right!”

Ryosuke rolled his eyes, grabbing Yuri and dragging him over toward him, forcing him to lay down on the pillow he’d placed in his lap, looking down at his adorable face peering up at him, “Shut it, I’m doing important stuff here.”

“Uh-huh,” Yuri shook his head, mostly thinking that if Yuto had managed to get on a plane and fly all the way to New York on his own, he probably didn’t need anymore coaching from Ryosuke at this point, but he wasn’t about to say that.

“Okay,” Yuto spoke breathlessly, “The subway is a bitch…and…” his voice lowered, “..so are most people so far…what I’d heard seems to be true.”

Ryosuke laughed, “Maybe so, but you’re only there for one person, and I feel confident that he will not be a ‘bitch’…”

Yuri couldn’t help himself, lifting his head to speak loudly, “Unless that’s how you like it!”

Ryosuke and Yuto both laughed at the same time, then Yuto’s voice was soft, “Oh my God!”

“What?!” Ryosuke’s eyes caught Yuri’s who could hear the exclamation without even having the phone to his own ear, “What is it?”

“I can see the school’s sign…I can see it…oh my God…oh my God…”

“Yutti!” Ryosuke snapped, “Calm down, you’re fine! You’re fine!”

Yuto continued to say ‘oh my God’ repeatedly and Ryosuke suspected he was pacing up and down the sidewalk in the way he did when he was nervous about something.

“Am I doing this? Oh my God…ahhhh!”

“You’re doing it!” Ryosuke insisted, “You just spent a fortune getting yourself there and yes, you’re doing it, are you at the school now?”

“I’m outside…the dorms were just beside it, I’m…” Yuto took a deep breath, “I’m outside the dorms…his dorm.”

“Okay, okay, calm down,” Ryosuke nodded to Yuri who pulled his phone up to dial the number, “Ree’s calling him to make sure he’s there…”

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” Ryosuke pulled the phone away from his ear, concerned that if he didn’t shush him then surely Keito would hear him freaking out if he answered the phone. 

He pushed the mute button, rolling his eyes when Yuri smiled at him, biting his lip as he waited breathlessly.

“Hello Chii-chan!” Keito’s voice was happy and joyful at the call from his friend, and Ryosuke’s heart clenched a little…they really missed him, nothing was the same without him.

“Keitooooooo!” Yuri laughed, his eyes bright with excitement, “I had a question!”

“Okay,” Keito’s voice took on a serious note, “Go for it!”

“I was getting Yama-chan a gift, and I was trying to remember what color that case you had for your sheet music was–he really liked it and I wanted to get the same one.”

Ryosuke couldn’t help but admire the way the lie slid from his perfect lips without any hesitation, always a wonderful actor, he lifted the phone up and un-muted it to confirm that Yuto was still having a bona fide panic attack on the street outside Keito’s dorm in New York City.

He was. 

He muted him again.

“It’s the heather gray,” Keito responded, “Be sure to get the pack of dividers too, he’ll like that.”

“Okay! I’m walking into the store right now, will you be home where I can talk to you if I have any other questions?”

“Yeah,” Keito laughed, “I’m home all day, no classes and my roommate already left to go to his family’s house for Christmas…so it’s really peaceful right now–and insane out there–so I’m staying in.”

“Good,” Yuri nodded at Ryosuke excitedly, “Thanks for the help!”

“Sure!” he could tell Keito was smiling, “Send me a picture after you get it, he’s gonna love it!”

“Will do!” Yuri agreed, his entire body wiggling up and down in enthusiasm after they hung up, grabbing Ryosuke’s wrist, “TELL HIM TO GO!”

Ryosuke un-muted the phone, “YUTO!”

“WHAT!?” Yuto practically screamed in his panic attack.

“He’s home all day,” Ryosuke’s eyes landed on Yuri’s, the memories of their moment in time that changed everything, his voice raw in the way the emotions played across his nerves, “He’s there, and he’s alone, he’s been alone, and that is why you are there.”

“But I…” 

“STOP!” Ryosuke didn’t give him a chance to get worked up again, “You know why you’re there, you know what you want, and now you just need to go get it. Stop being a wuss and get your ass in that building and get your man.”

“Get my man…” Yuto was mulling it over carefully, pressing his forehead against the glass window, not particularly caring if anyone in New York thought he’d lost his mind or not, “Get my man…”

“GET YOUR MAN,” Ryosuke spoke firmly, “GO, he’s waiting up there for you right now!”

“Okay, okay…yes…”

“This is all you want in the world, Yutti,” Ryosuke’s voice softened, filling with affection as his fingers drew through Yuri’s hair, his eyes closing as he leaned his head into his palm.

Ryosuke’s eyes filled with love at the action, “This is all that is missing,” Ryosuke took a shuddering breath, tears threatening to spill over the rim of his eyes, “Go make your dreams come true.”

“Okay…okay…” Yuto took a shuddering breath, “Yama-chan?”

The word was so soft it sounded like wind, but Ryosuke heard it, humming softly when Yuri’s eyes opened, his grin widening.

“Thank you,” Yuto responded, “Thank you for everything.”

“Shut up,” Ryosuke laughed softly, “I’m hanging up now.”

“Whatever,” Yuto couldn’t help but laugh at him, “I’m gonna go do this thing, I’ll talk to you guys later.”

“Later,” Ryosuke agreed, pressing the button to end the call. 

He leaned his head down, smiling broadly when Yuri’s fingers threaded through his hair, “He’s going in.”

“I’m so excited for them,” Yuri admitted, his voice whimsical, “They’ll be really happy.”

“They will be…”

“Like us,” Yuri finished as he drew Ryosuke down to press a tender kiss against his lips.

Yuto was standing outside the door that he knew Keito was on the other side of. He’d planned so many aspects of this, but he wasn’t particularly expecting to have so much nervousness. He supposed this was just universal in this kind of situation.

The one thing he did know was that there were no doubts, there was no concern or worry clouding his mind, creating the nerves–rather, it was a strange feeling of excitement and anticipation that set him on edge. Already being the kind to be hyper, this felt like it was on an entirely new level.

“Okay, Yuto,” he spoke sternly to himself, “Let’s do this thing.”

He reached up to touch the giant bow he’d placed on his head, ensuring it was secured well, and then forced himself to step to the door, knocking sharply and then forcing his legs to not move while he waited, the nervous energy flowing through his body to the point he had to shake his hands wildly to try to dispel it.

He was exhausted, jet-lagged, and ridiculously hungry, but none of it mattered, all that mattered was that when the door opened, there stood Keito–his messy bedhead, his frumpy band t-shirt and lounge pants, and bare feet–his adorable mouth popped open, eyes impossibly wide as his name fell off his lips, “Yuto?”

“Surprise!” Yuto held his arms out to the side, and while he wasn’t positive on what he thought would happen, what happened wasn’t it.

Keito instantly burst into tears, hysterical as he rushed forward, wrapping his arms around Yuto as he held him, crying on his shoulder, “I can’t…I can’t…be–believe…I…”

“Ahh, shhhh,” Yuto held him gingerly, stroking his hair softly, feeling his entire form melt into him, “It’s okay…it’s alright.”

He should have expected it, now that it was happening, of course, he should have expected this, he had no idea why he thought it would be like in a movie–perfect, and picturesque and all the right words spoken, the right faces…no, he should have known that it would be a teary-eyed, snotty-nosed, crying messy moment.

That was fine with him, it was, after all, his Keito, finally here in his arms, and though he’d romanticized the moment, clearly far too much, in his mind, there was nothing he cared more about than the way Keito felt back in his embrace again.

“Wha…what…” Keito drew back, his face wet and red, his nose stuffy, his eyes wide, “What are you doing here?”

Yuto couldn’t help but laugh at how cute he was, his fingers raising to swipe away the fresh fall of tears, “Obviously I’m your present? Isn’t it obvious from the bow on my head?” 

Keito drew back, looking to the top of his head, clearly not having noticed the huge, bright red bow adorning his crown, “But…I’m…I was coming home in three days…I can’t believe you’re here?”

Yuto felt it, felt the way the moment was screaming at him from deep inside, and without another word, he pushed on Keito’s shoulders, shoving him backward, shuffling his feet to force him into his room, as he didn’t intend to do this in the hallway after all.

Keito’s confusion was clear, but he allowed himself to be moved, his fingers clutched onto Yuto’s jacket, not willing to release him, blinking as he closed the door and cleared his throat.

“I couldn’t wait…” Yuto’s eyes moved across his face, taking in his expression, “This…couldn’t wait…not one more moment…”


Yuto cut him off, not wanting to let his nerves rise again, “After we talked the other day, all I could think was there were so many moments we were missing–you being here…and I was conflicted because I kept thinking how there were times I should have just held you longer, kissed you more, spoke more words about how much I care about you into your heart…”

“But you do…”

Yuto laughed, grabbing Keito’s face, kissing him soundly, and then admonishing him, “Keito, shhh, let me do this!”

Keito nodded his head, thoroughly confused but more than willing to do anything Yuto asked of him at this point, obediently pressing his lips together, laughing at how Yuto was practically vibrating in his nervousness, his voice shaking when he continued, “I wanted to make sure you knew how I really felt about you.”

He took a deep breath, reaching up to the bow and pulling it out of his hair, drawing it down between them to reveal a box nestled in the center of it, “I realized there was only one way to do it, and once I knew that…I couldn’t wait another second, not another minute, I didn’t want to waste one single moment…so I came here…”

He pushed the bow forward, Keito’s hands lifted under it taking it into his hands, looking down at it, seeing the box there, “Wha…”

Yuto reached forward, carefully lifting the lid from the box to reveal a beautiful ring nestled in the soft fabric.

Keito’s eyes widened, looking from the ring back up to Yuto and then back again, “Yutti…you…wh…”

His mind flashed back to a conversation they’d had a at least eight months before he had left to come to school. They’d been lazily lounging across his bed on a Saturday morning, eating a horrible breakfast of dry cereal from a box because they were both too lazy to get up and make something proper.

Yuto had been reading a magazine when he’d come across an article about a trending piece of jewelry, with an interview from the representatives of Cartier who had created the design all the way back in 1969. 

“Look at this bracelet, I’ve never seen anything so awesome in my life–I bet Ryosuke would love it! I’m gonna have to tell Yuri about it!”


“What is it?”

“It’s got two halves which would be unhinged to put on, and then you’d have to screw the two halves together with a tiny screwdriver that came with the bracelet that you give to the person you love! It was originally designed in 1969–the artists said he wanted to convey the feeling of a permanence–to impress the thought symbols of love should be everlasting.”

“That’s a really cool idea!”

“Well, that sucks! They don’t make them with the screwdriver anymore so you have to find vintage versions of them! They do still use the screw symbol on them though to represent the same thing in their designs now though.”

“I think it’s the meaning behind it that matters, if you know what it means then you’d always be reminded of how much you love the other person and that it meant forever.”

Yuto had stared at him for a long time, causing Keito feel self conscious enough to change the subject to something silly to make him stop, but now that he was staring down at the huge red bow he was holding–there within the folds was a box, and within the box, was not just any ring, but a ring like the design that Yuto had shown him that day in the magazine.


Before he could put together a coherent thought, Yuto was on his knee below him, looking up at him with tears sparkling in his eyes.

Keito’s hands clutched the bow tightly, his heart thundering in his chest as he shook his head, his breath a mere whisper, “Oh my God.”

“Okamoto Keito,” Yuto’s voice was shaking, not from the butterflies that had been fluttering in his belly all day, but instead, from anticipation, from emotions that were flooding through his system, a million words fighting to get out of him at once, pulling the ring out of the box, and holding it up, “I love you, and I want you to be with me forever.”

Keito laughed, his breath bubbling through his tears as they streamed down his face, his voice soft and trembling, “Y-you’re asking me to marry you?”

“Yes,” Yuto grinned, shaking his head at how hard Keito was making this, pretty sure it was somewhat on purpose, and alternately because he was just trying to make sense of it himself, “Just say yes, marry me?”

“Yes,” Keito smiled through his tears, watching Yuto put the ring on his finger before falling to his knees, crushing the bow between them as he grabbed Yuto to hug him with the other arm.

Yuto drew his arms up to hold him, burrowing his face into his neck as he released a deep breath, the feeling that had been covering him for the few months since he’d bought the ring finally falling away, leaving in its place an overwhelming emotion of contentment and sheer joy.

“You’re gonna marry me,” Yuto whispered, squeezing him tightly, “This is real…”

“You’re insane,” Keito laughed dropping the bow onto the floor beside them, pulling back to grab Yuto’s face between his hands, “I swear, you’re absolutely insane! I can’t believe you came all the way here to do this!”

“I love you,” Yuto stated firmly, his eyes softened as he thought about what they’d just done…what they were going to do.

“I love you,” Keito whispered gently, rubbing his nose against Yuto’s, the moment steeped in emotion flowing between the two of them, and then, unlike either of them could have imagined, their lips met with such tenderness–not coming together with abandoned reason and wild passion–but rather, the most gentle of touches, graced with reverence and such love as they’d never have imagined.

Remembering everything that they had missed, grateful for everything they now had, all of the promises of a future stretched out before them–so that no matter where their jobs or pursuits might take them, one thing was absolute–they’d always have each other.

No matter what.

Yuri stepped into the bedroom from the bathroom, having taken a shower and put on his new pajamas that had adorable little snowmen on them. He smiled when he saw Ryosuke stretched out on the bed, looking cute as could be in his matching pajamas.

He loved Christmas, and he loved Ryosuke, so having both at the same time was the most amazing feeling ever!

Best Christmas EVER.

Feeling his gaze on him, Ryosuke’s eyes fluttered open, glancing over at him, “What?”

“You’re the cutest human being in the whole entire universe,” Yuri announced, moving quickly to bounce on the bed, crawling over to him, propped up on his hands and knees as he looked down into Ryosuke’s amused eyes.

“It’s our very first Christmas together,” Yuri’s voice was filled with awe at how many years he’d dreamed of such a thing, often thinking it an impossible fantasy, yet here they were.

“It is,” Ryosuke smiled at his enthusiasm, reaching his hand up to run his fingers across his cheek, smoothing through his hair to cup his head, drawing him down for a soft, tender kiss.

As he pulled him closer, realizing how much he’d missed him, Yuri pulled back from him, breaking the kiss, his eyes wide, “Did you leave milk and cookies?”

“Wha–” Ryosuke tilted his head, confused, groaning in his annoyance of Yuri leaving when he was feeling so desperate for his attention, trying to clear his head, he repeated, “What?”

Milk and cookies, did you leave them?” Yuri lifted up, leaning back onto his heels, causing Ryosuke to growl at the growing distance between them, his head tilting up to stare at him.

“Get back here,” he reached for Yuri’s hand, tugging on it gently, “C’mon!”

“I will!” Yuri insisted, “I just need to know if you took care of the milk and cookies, did you leave them?”

“Leave them where?” Ryosuke shrugged, exasperated, not sure what he was on about.

“By the tree–for Santa!” Yuri threw his hands up in the air, “I told you this!

“I thought you were kidding,” Ryosuke admitted, hesitating when he saw how quickly Yuri’s expression changed, his eyes narrowing.

“I was not kidding, don’t you want Santa to come here!?” 

“Ree,” Ryosuke started to explain, “I think you should underst–”

“Nevermind!” Yuri hissed, scrambling across the bed, hitting the floor as he moved to the door, “I’ll do it myself.”

“Fine!” Ryosuke threw his hands up in the air, “Go leave milk and cookies for SANTA while you ignore me!”

He didn’t appreciate being rejected for some fantasy figure that supposedly brought gifts once a year, thinking he was really glad he loved Yuri as much as he did.

He jumped, startled, when the bed shook, having assumed Yuri had left the room, his eyes wide when he leaned over him again, “Santa doesn’t bring gifts to grumpy-pants.”

Ryosuke frowned, looking at Yuri’s wide-eyed expression, honestly feeling a bit chastised, biting his tongue, “I’m not grumpy.”

“He knows everything, don’t try to pretend,” Yuri shook his head, clicking his tongue, “You’ll never get by with it.”

Ryosuke rolled his eyes, “First of all, that’s creepy as fuck, and second of all, I think I’ll take my chances, thanks.”

“Your loss,” Yuri stated in his best matter of fact tone, shaking his head in that very unique ‘you’ll get yours’ kind of way he’d mastered long ago.

Ryosuke just sighed dramatically, pushing him away, causing Yuri to laugh softly as he moved to leave the room, “Don’t blame me when your stocking’s empty tomorrow.”

Ryosuke watched him walk out into the hallway, the room feeling infinitely colder the moment he crossed the threshold, slamming his palms down on the bed in frustration, “I don’t even have a stocking!”

“That’s because all you’d get is COAL!” Yuri called out as he disappeared out of view.

Ryosuke huffed, rolling over onto his side, tired and now extremely grumpy for real because he just wanted to squish Yuri, if someone asked him to write to Santa and tell him what he wanted, he would literally say “I want to squish Yuri.”

That’s it. 

That’s all…just that, but weeks had flashed by and thanks to all of the chaos of work and concerts and appearances and everything else it felt like they hadn’t had any time together at all.

I just want to squish him!

Damn it!

Is that asking too much?!

He shuffled backwards, getting under the covers in an effort to get warm, burrowing down into them, sighing as he tried to think about happy things–it was, after all, Christmas Eve.

He startled, not having realized he’d fallen asleep until the bed swayed under the weight of Yuri climbing in. He blinked sleepily as he watched him crawl under the covers, gingerly scootching himself over until he was touching his nose to Ryosuke’s. 

Even with half asleep foggy head, Ryosuke couldn’t help but smile at how cute he looked–his eyes all glittering from excitement and the only thought Ryosuke could process was how stupidly happy he was to be right where he was.

“I love you,” Yuri whispered, tipping his head forward to kiss him softly, his fingers running through Ryosuke’s hair, causing him to make a noise that sounded almost like a purr under his attention.

“I love you,” Ryosuke murmured softly. 

His eyes widened when Yuri climbed over him, shuffling a bit until he’d pulled Ryouske back into his arms, holding him tightly as he pressed a kiss to the top of his head. 

Ryosuke hummed in contentment, not used to being the one who was being held like this, but feeling rather loved and cherished by the way Yuri’s arms felt around him, by the way he could feel his heartbeat on his back, feeling nestled and cocooned there in his arms.

“So good,” Ryouske whispered, half asleep, as he drew up Yuri’s hand to press a kiss against his palm, then tucked it under his arm to hold it close to his heart,  the sheer amount of love and protection and peace of the moment giving him the freedom to drift off to sleep.

Ryosuke blinked his eyes open, leaning up as he heard Yuri squealing loudly from down the hall.

He couldn’t help but smile, quickly throwing his legs off the bed to slide his slippers on, dragging his robe off the hook to wrap around him as he shuffled out of the room. Getting out of the warm bed was more than worth it when he entered the living room, as he wasn’t sure he’d ever seen Yuri be so animated and excited and adorable.

“LOOK!” Yuri squealed, pointing to the stocking that was hanging on the hook he’d placed on the wall when they’d decorated, “Santa came!”

“Is that right?” Ryosuke laughed softly, thrilled with Yuri’s joy and enthusiasm, shifting to lay down on the couch to watch Yuri as he moved over to retrieve the stocking.

“YES!” Yuri was there in a blink, sitting on the floor, in front of Ryosuke, excitedly dumping out the stocking full of toys, novelties, small electronics, and candy, his excitement bubbling over at each new discovery.

I’ll have to send something special to his Mom to be sure she knows how much this meant to me.

“He ate all of the cookies, and drank the milk,” Yuri spoke proudly as he opened up one of the boxes of miniature Star Wars legos, “I told you.”

If she hadn’t shared the details of their tradition, I would have totally failed him today.

Their tradition…

He shuddered at the thought of a broken-hearted Yuri on Christmas morning, thankful such a thing did not exist on this bright, beautiful morning.


A new tradition.

Our tradition.

Thank you so much Mama-chii!

“You were certainly right,” Ryosuke agreed, smiling at how absolutely freaking adorable he was, his hand reaching out to ruffle his hair affectionately, “This is one time I am glad to be wrong.”

He stifled a yawn, blinking rapidly when Yuri was in his face upon opening his eyes, his voice filled with excitement, “You have a stocking too!”

Ryosuke was dumbfounded, shaking his head slowly, but before he could speak, Yuri had scrambled up and raced across the room, retrieving another stocking that had been placed next to Yuri’s and returning to where Ryosuke was still staring blankly.

He tilted his head to look past Yuri who was practically vibrating with excitement, his eyes fixated on the new hook that had been hung there that was most certainly NOT there when he’d filled Yuri’s stocking in the middle of the night.


“Look!” Yuri pushed the stocking forward toward him.

Ryosuke sat up, confused, as he took the stocking from Yuri’s hands, watching as he turned to finish going through his goodies while Ryosuke looked down at the candy and gadgets that peeked out of the stocking he now held.

He reached in, pulling out the box of his favorite candies from a local bakery, his mouth watering at the thought of eating one of the strawberry confections. He was shocked by the items he could see, his eyes lifting to find Yuri watching him.

The moment he was caught, Yuri cleared his throat, immediately going back to intently investigate his own stocking again, but Ryosuke understood.

“I’ll have to thank whoever left me this sto–”


Yuri’s eyes connected with his, and there was a moment that passed between them–one of those moments his mother had often described to him. 

A moment to make or break a relationship. 

Sometimes you should stand firm like an oak with the deepest roots, other times you should bend like the willow touched by the wind.

A good relationship is composed of those who know the right time for the right tree.

Ryosuke realized this was one of those times in life, in relationships that you just loved the other person enough to let them have the thing they wanted, whether it confounded your own sensibilities or not.

Yes,” Ryosuke nodded, his heart blossoming with joy at the way happiness positively radiated from Yuri the moment he realized that Ryosuke was going to play along, “I’ll have to be sure to thank Santa.”

Yuri shuffled forward, pressing a furiously excited kiss against his lips before drawing back, laughing softly, “Thank you.”

Ryosuke touched his cheek, falling more in love with him by the second, smiling broadly, “Thank you.

He knew in his heart that Yuri understood, and he was glad to know that somehow, in that moment, he truly understood too.

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