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Yamada Ryosuke & Chinen Yuri


Yamada x Chinen

Ship Name



Chaptered Story


Angst, Fluffy, AU, AOB, Alpha/Omega


R (Non-explicit) at the start, but the Epilogue will likely be NC-17


MxM Relationship, Alpha/Omega Traits, AU

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“Yuri—are you wearing Yama-chan’s pants to wo—” the words died in Hikaru’s throat, the air in the room stilling instantly, almost as if all the air had been sucked out, the hair on the back of his neck standing up as his eyes were inexplicably drawn to Ryosuke who was radiating a strange mixture of challenge and anger.

Ryosuke’s eyes were narrowed, his nostrils flaring as his eyes cut over to look down at Yuri’s pants…confused, because…yeah, those were his pants alright, his eyes darting up to find Yuri looking back at him, his expression bashful, almost ashamed but then he shrugged, pushing Ryosuke’s chest, “You calm down,” he looked at Hikaru, “…and you mind your business!”

He walked over to the fluffy loveseat in the corner, plopping unceremoniously down into it, stretching his legs across the seats as he glanced over to see everyone still looking at him, “Actually, that sort of goes for all of you, now that I think about it…just…all of you…”

He waved his arm dismissively, “Stay in your lane.”

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What we know so far: (refer to this section at the start of each chapter for recaps of the chapter before)

The World:
-the government has spent decades and billions of dollars to erase the history of they hybrids and to convince people it never happened

Our Members–

-his Granny was an Omega who had an Alpha
-his parents know the truth but choose to deny it
-his Granny was a brilliant scientist
-his Granny had visions of a new hybrid evolving, was convinced Ryosuke was the first of his kind–a “super-hybrid”–meant to lead the hybrids into a new era
-knows instinctively he is a super-hybrid
-believes Yuri is his soul-bond Omega
-is a stupid ass.

-no surprise: Yuri is a hybrid
-knew something was different about himself and had researched as best he could
-is also a stupid ass.

-mark their partner–an intimate act that is equal to marriage/lifetime committment
-marking generally happens during intimate relations and is pleasurable not painful
-when an Alpha marks an Omega their biological/physiological composition changes to reflect that Alpha
-the level of this change depends on various factors such as rank, personality, and such

-can have more than one Omega partner

-can tell what is wrong with their Alpha
-smell amazing to Alphas if they are unmarked

-smell good to Alphas in a neutral way

-capable of a “soul-bond”
-could access one anothers powers, thoughts, energy, and will when needed

It had been a discussion filled with lots of laughter and tears and threats and insults.

A few times they were at each other’s throats, angry, volatile, ready to beat the hell out of the other one to make them just listen, to understand.

They’d spent nearly two days, talking, screaming, and crying. 

It was a painful process of growing and learning, of bending and stretching, and of compromise more than anything.

When they walked away, they both understood where they stood with each other, and also had a very clear understanding of what they were wanting in their relationship.

One of the hardest parts for both of them to admit was how truly afraid they were. Yes, they cared for each other, maybe they did love each other, who could say for sure, but the truth was, they already had something significantly more valuable, more real, more beautiful than what many people will ever discover–and to do this?

To pursue a relationship it felt to both them as if it were tempting fate. 

They already had something perfect, could they ask for something even more perfect?

What if they really just were overwhelmed with the chaos of the Alpha/Omega traits?

What if what they felt was just a result of that change and not real?

They’d mess up everything they had that they knew was real for something they couldn’t be sure was.

It felt like too great of a risk–especially in light of the devastation it could bring into their friendship. 

Add to that their very real reservations about the traits forcing them to care for one another instead of it being genuine, something that neither of them was comfortable with. Of course, there were no reliable studies about it thanks to the government, and nothing of any substance in Ryosuke’s letters from his grandmother.

They’d each taken turns, being the good guy, being the bad guy, being the objective one, being the voice of reason, being the devil’s advocate…they’d spun in circles, written the world in a million different paths, and lay in the floor in utter and sheer exhaustion.

Ryosuke had his arms crossed over his eyes, half asleep, half dead to the world, at a loss of how they could ever figure this out.

“I think we should date,” Yuri twisted onto his side, propping his head up on his hand, watching as Ryosuke slowly lowered his arms, his head turning, eyes narrowed as he looked over at him.


Yuri shrugged, “Just that…I think we should…”

“We have said this and then listed fifty reasons why we shouldn’t,” Ryosuke sighed in defeat, “You have something that makes this time different?”

“Yeah,” Yuri nodded causing Ryosuke to tilt his head, “I figure..we already do. I mean seriously, we practically already do date–don’t we?”

Ryosuke considered what he had said, thinking it over, reluctantly shrugging because he couldn’t be held accountable for anything with the lack of sleep, nutrition, and sanity he was experiencing at the moment.

“It’s just…” Yuri scooted closer on the floor to where Ryosuke was, reaching forward to take his hand in his own, “We aren’t going to figure it out by sitting here and talking in circles but…I think…if we knock down the wall, you know, like…get rid of the worry about all of that to just see what’s there—I sort of think maybe we can tell what’s the truth?”

Ryosuke was staring at their connected hands, his eyes lifting up to look at Yuri, “What do you mean?”

“Well, I think we’d know if it were just the trait’s interference, or if we were the ones making the choices or not. We can’t know that by just going through all of these scenarios in our imaginations, we can’t know unless we’re living it, breathing it, right?”

“Hmm…” Ryosuke thought about this for a moment, unsure if they’d really have better clarity if they were a couple but at the same time, hope was alive in his heart, and he wanted more than anything to take that chance, “I…I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Like I don’t want you to get hurt, but honestly, could it be worst than how we are suffering now?”

Ryosuke laughed but it held no humor because out of all the things they’d said in the last two days–nothing held much more truth than that statement, “Probably not.”

“It’s just that…I am worried about your…”

Ryosuke hummed, encouraging him to carry on, Yuri took a deep breath, “If we dated and your fans found out it could be a prob–“

“Screw them,” Ryosuke interrupted him, waving his free hand dismissively, “I don’t mean that in the bad way but honestly at this point I would rather give up my career than to say no to a chance with you.”

“Really?” Yuri’s eyes were bright and joyfilled.

“Wouldn’t you?” Ryosuke felt a little uneasy, wondering if Yuri didn’t feel the same, but before he could give it another thought Yuri had tugged on his hand, “Don’t be stupid, of course I would, we can quit today, right now….we’ll buy a plot of land–well, let’s be honest–you’ll buy it…”

They both laughed, and Yuri continued, “…we’ll grow roses and become that weird couple of old men who grow flowers and make everyone worry.”

“Why would we make everyone worry?”

“Because we’d be so happy,” Yuri blinked slowly, “Happiness makes people nervous.”

“Hmm, I see,” Ryosuke nodded, “What about the agency?”

“Screw them,” Yuri repeated Ryosuke’s words back to them, and they both melted into laughter.

“Are we really doing this?” Ryosuke asked, his hand reaching out to brush Yuri’s hair off his face, he needed to see his eyes, to be sure of what was really happening.

“I want to, if you will, I want to,” Yuri spoke the words as earnestly as he could, his heart skipping a beat when Ryosuke smiled so brightly it felt like the sun had filled the room.

Trust your heart.

“I want to,” Ryosuke nodded, dragging him into an awkward sideways hug–but it didn’t matter–because there in that moment, not with flowers and poetry, or with lavish gifts and romantic dates—but with certain trepidation and concern, the two decided they would give dating a try.

They knew despite so much time together, knowing each other as well as they did, there was still so much they had yet to discover—about each other, about themselves, about the two of them together—so many wonderful memories to be made—and in the moments when they could push away all the worries and anxiety—it was a very happy ‘what if’.

Ryosuke dragged Yuri by his hand into the dressing room where the other members were waiting, then with absolutely zero preamble, he announced, “Yuri and I are a couple.”

When no one really said anything, instead just looked around at each other, shrugging, Ryosuke laughed, looking over at Yuri, “I told you.”

“Wh—what…wait…you’re not surprised?” Yuri couldn’t believe it.

“I mean,” Hikaru glanced around at the other members, “I might be alone in this, but…I thought that you guys were already dating…like…a long time ago?”

Echos of ‘me too’ and ‘yes’ echoed in the room from the other members.

“WHAT!?” Yuri was flabbergasted, “What in the world…why would you think that?”

The room exploded into all of the members talking at once.

“You’re always together.”

“You finish each other’s sentences.”

“You are always getting caught ‘dating’ by the papa…”

“You are never separated.”

“You are like an old married couple.”

“You live together?”

“You are you, what else is there?”

Ryosuke was just amused, as he had figured that this wouldn’t exactly be a surprise to any of the members at all, and was relieved he was right about that, just watching Yuri have a melt down over not being able to shock the members was priceless though.

“I’m gonna say though,” Hikaru rubbed his chin thoughtfully, “If all the weird shit you two do is an example of what you’re like when you aren’t dating…I’m kinda of worried now.”

“Oh, shut up!” Ryosuke snapped, laughing because even with Yuri being so belligerent about this situation, he could feel the joy in his aura and it was worth all the waiting they’d done to get there.

“Well, it’s a little more complicated than that,” Yuri glanced nervously over at Ryosuke, hoping he would just blurt this part out too.

He could see the way Ryosuke contemplated throwing him out there on his own and then he smiled, nodding a tiny nod to him, “I’m an Alpha and Yuri is an Omega—we are both hybrids.”

Daiki made a big show of mock yawning, causing Yuri to blurt out, “You have to fucking be kidding me!?”

“Well,” Daiki shook his head, laughing lightly, “No, I don’t know what you thought we thought about the weird sniffing and bonding behavior between you two—I mean honestly, if it weren’t that then what in the world were we supposed to think it was?”

“I—I don’t know!” Yuri couldn’t believe they knew, “Wait, wait…I love all of you guys but…but there’s just no way you all put this together on your own! I just don’t believe it!”

Ryosuke stepped over to the fluffy arm chair, plopping down in it and dragging a lightly protesting Yuri down to sit on his lap as he watched the room with amusement.

“What, you think we’re not smart enough to figure it out?” Yuto asked, raising his eyebrow in disbelief.

“That’s what I am saying exactly,” Yuri pushed back.

“We aren’t,” Keito announced, causing the rest of the room to explode in chatter about how he ruined everything, he just shook his head, “There’s a time and place for that kind of play and this isn’t it.”

The other members considered this while Keito continued to explain, “A letter came here about two years or so ago—maybe three now?”

He glanced around at the others who nodded that seemed about right, so he continued, “It was sent anonymously and came to Kota. He shared it with us when he received it.”

“He shared it with all of you but…not us?” Yuri questioned, and even Ryosuke felt like this was something he didn’t expect, though he didn’t know why he was so certain the members knew, he’d never wondered how.

“What did the letter say?” Ryosuke prodded.

“That you were an Alpha and that Yuri was your Omega—and it sent references for us to look up and some other stuff…”

Keito faded off at this, his cheeks flaming red as his eyes flashed over to look at Yuto and then away, Kei clicked his tongue sharply and then picked up the conversation, “We dismissed the letter forthright, of course we did because it was insane and we all know that there are no hybrids now—at least that’s what the illustrious government wants to tell us and we’re meant to believe.”

He rolled his eyes dramatically, “At any rate, obviously, when the two of you started showing signs of…being so…”

“Freaky,” Daiki supplied.

“Strange,” Yuto injected.

“Weird,” Hikaru offered.

“Oh my God!” Ryosuke waved his hand at them, trying to lean around Yuri to glare at Daiki and Yuto, “Just shut the hell up!”

“You asked,” Daiki hissed in return.

“I asked what the letter said,” Ryosuke snapped, “Not your opinion of me and Yuri—it’s not like we did things on purpose or something.”

“We know that,” Kota said softly, raising his hands up and down in a gesture for everyone to calm down, “We know that, everyone needs to stop joking around about this.”

Daiki shrugged, “I wasn’t joking, they are freaks.”

“Dai-chan,” Kota leveled his best parental glare at him, causing him to shrink into his chair, nodding for them to go on.

“I have the letter here,” Kota opened his bag, digging around for the letter.

“You carry a letter with you every day from three years ago?” Yuri was curious about why he would ever do that.

“I have kept it with me every day since it arrived,” Kota nodded, pulling the envelope out of his bag.

“Why in the world would you do that?” Yuri asked, watching as Ryosuke took the letter from Kota, his hands shaking as he drew it down to look at it.

But he knew…he could feel it, he saw the front of the envelope, his eyes widening as he turned to look down at Ryosuke who was staring blankly at the front of the envelope.

“Ryosuke…” Yuri’s voice was a whisper, his words halting as he tried to weigh and measure each one to be sure he wasn’t going to say something wrong or that would hurt Ryosuke, “Could your…do you think…is it possible your grandmother is…still alive?”

“Your grandmother?” Yuto asked, standing up to lean over them to get a look at the envelope.

“My grandmother definitely wrote this,” Ryosuke confirmed, unable to move, because the last letter he had received from her according to the box he had was five years ago—but if this letter arrived two to three years ago, that means it arrived after his letters ended.

“To answer your question,” Kota smiled, patting the top of Yuri’s head, “I kept the letter with me because the letter told me I needed to and I believed it—now I am glad I listened.”

When they’d read the letter Ryosuke was amazed to learn his grandmother had the foresight to send this to his members—explaining to them that this was going to happen and that they needed to support both him and Yuri through the changes that would happen when the trait reactivated.

It was a like a Cliff’s note version of his book at home, though there were a few additions in the letter that made him laugh, his eyes landing on the other members, as she had said that once the Alpha and Omega trait had activated in Ryosuke and Yuri, that it would signal to any other hybrids who had the dormant trait to activate. It might be to different degrees, and might happen in rather unpredictable ways, but it would happen and they should all prepare for it.

Of special note was the revelation from a vision she shared that their group had two additional Alphas and matching Omegas—something that shocked everyone.

They’d started a betting pool on who was going to be which.

And in that moment Ryosuke and Yuri could not have been more thankful for these boys being a part of not just their group, but their dearest and most precious friends.

“Do you smell that?” Ryosuke whispered, leaning closer to Yuri, who was staring down at the pages with the song lyrics they are going to be performing next.

“Smell what?”

“It’s…just wrong…like…there’s a weird smell…” Ryosuke looked around at the other members who were all focused on their work, “Seriously? You can’t smell that?”

Yuri shifted to the side, moving his cheek against Ryosuke’s in an attempt to smell whatever he was smelling from his own perspective, inhaling deeply.

Ryosuke felt his heart stutter and skip, Yuri’s cheek soft and warm on his own, the fragrant scent that was pure Yuri rushing across his senses, his eyes closing as he savored the moment.

“I don’t smell anything unusual,” Yuri announced but did not move away from Ryosuke, holding his cheek there against his.

“What does that mean?”

“I can smell…” Yuri hesitated for a moment, stopping himself before he blurted out ‘you!’ because somehow he knew that everyone would make fun of him if he said it.

Yet, even so, he couldn’t stop himself from turning his head slowly until he was looking straight at Ryosuke who was staring at him wide eyed, their noses touching, and the smell of him was all around him, enveloping him, his voice soft, “All I can smell is you.”

“That’s all I smell now, too,” Ryosuke whispered in return, smiling, “I mean…you…not me…”

“For the love of God,” Daiki lamented, throwing his hands up in the air when everyone looked at him, “Are we going to just let them be like this and pretend it’s perfectly normal?”

Kei shrugged, focusing back onto his own lyrics sheet, Yuto and Keito both seemed mildly interested, but not fully committed, and the other members were all in various states of concern—but no one spoke up.

“Really?” Daiki shook his head, “No one but me then?”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Hikaru stopped him, “But…I mean…”

“Well, go on then,” Ryosuke snapped, glaring at them, “Say what you want to say!”

“You talk a lot about…smelling each other…” Hikaru spoke the words slowly, as if he were concentrating on making sure he was fully understood, “It’s a little…strange…don’t you think? Maybe?”

“Maybe so,” Ryosuke hissed, “…but you’re all weird too, don’t make me list all the things I could say about each of you.”

Ryosuke honestly couldn’t care less what any of them thought about him, but he’d felt the way Yuri had stiffened, his sharp inhale when they started talking and he wasn’t gonna have it, not even a little bit.

“I mean,” Daiki shrugged, “Yeah, sure we do, but…you’re smelling each other.”

“It is a little strange, isn’t it?” Kei looked up from his page, frowning, his brow furrowing into a scowl that Ryosuke couldn’t properly read the meaning of, because his tone wasn’t particularly confrontational or negative, “I mean all things considered…”

“I wouldn’t interject into this conversation,” Ryosuke snipped at him, narrowing his eyes, “You don’t want me to describe how YOU smell.”

“How I…” Kei leaned up, raising his arm to sniff himself, “I don’t smell like anything other than my cologne.”

“That really isn’t true,” Ryosuke sighed, “I don’t really know how you all can’t smell this…”

He pressed Yuri back a bit so he could stand up, moving slowly around the group, sniffing the air, and when he got to Daiki he stopped, leaning closer to him as he inhaled sharply, “Well, of course it was gonna be you.”

“What? What was gonna be me?!” Daiki sat up straight in his seat, looking around at everyone like any of them understood what was happening.

“Are you taking any medications?” Ryosuke ask him, his hand on his chin as he tried to solve the puzzle of the strange smell coming from Daiki.

“No,” Daiki shrugged, “No medicine or anything like that.”

“New foods?”

“Nuh-uh,” Daiki smelled his own arm, not really smelling anything unusual, “Can you really smell me, like something…different than I smell?”

“Yes,” Ryosuke frowned, “You usually smell…fresh…like freshly pressed linens or something infused with sunshine…”

“You think I’m like fresh sunshine,” Daiki declared proudly, “Thank yo—”

“I do not think you are like fresh sunshine, you idiot,” Ryosuke reached forward to pop Daiki’s head, “I said it’s what you smell like—if anything it’s a very normal, neutral smell compared to most so don’t get too proud over it.”

“Then what do you smell now?”

“There’s a sour note to it, like…umm…it’s like the smell that a watermelon has when it starts going sour. It’s not exactly foul, or bad, but it’s certainly not the good fragrance you normally have.”

“Huh,” Daiki glanced at the others, “What about them?”

“It’s my turn,” Kei stated, tilting his head when everyone looked at him surprised, “I smell it as well.”

“What!?” Ryosuke was dumbfounded, “You smell Daiki?”

“I do and it is just as you said, though I don’t really smell the fresh washed linens or whatever, it’s more like…cucumbers and melons in the summertime. But…yes, there’s an odd flavor to him right now.”

“Flavor?” Daiki balked, “Why do you have to make it weird?”

I’m making it weird?” Kei rolled his eyes dramatically, “We have Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum over there,” he gestured at Ryosuke and Yuri, “Sniffing each other like rabid animals and I am the one making it weird.”

“In the animal kingdom, sniffing is a form of greeting and an actual language,” Yuri announced in a matter of fact tone.

Ryosuke plopped down into the chair next to Yuri, sighing, his hand landing on his knee to get his attention, shaking his head when Yuri looked over at him innocently.

The others began to laugh, causing Yuri to glance around, “What? What is it?”

The others just laughed harder at his cuteness, but he was frustrated by their behavior and especially at not being in on whatever they were laughing about, in particular if it was at his expense.

“What’s so funny? Animals do that, it’s a base instinct for them to sniff each other, it tells them important things about each other and they use it as a vital form of communication, it’s all true.”

The others were grabbing each other, laughing their heads off, and Yuri was scowling, jumping when Ryosuke grabbed his arm to make him turn to look at him.

“Yuri, that’s the whole point, I’m trying to tell them this isn’t a big deal…but you’re telling them this is ‘animal’ behavior and base instinct as part of a social communication.”

Yuri frowned, “Oh.”

He looked down at his hands clasped tightly in his lap, “But…it is true.”

Ryosuke sighed in resignation, blocking out the others who were still losing their stupid minds over something so inane, “Maybe so…but we seriously don’t have the time to unpack that Pandora’s box right now.”

The tour had been going for three weeks, and they’d all settled into a fairly normal routine all things considered. The truth was, they all were a little quirky, and they were like a bunch of childish siblings, so it was mostly a mess when they were all together. Yuri and Ryosuke had come to the arena for practice together, so they walked into the dressing room together, thinking it was strange when everyone who was already there fell into silence.

“What?” Ryosuke glanced down at his clothing, twisting his body to see if he had something on his clothes, or someone had stuck a note telling the staff to kick him or something, his eyes catching Yuri’s who was studying him as well, shrugging when he didn’t see anything amiss.

The other members all just stared, and then awkwardly looked away.

“What is going on here?” Ryosuke demanded, stepping into the room, glancing back to make sure Yuri was following him.

“Yuri—are you wearing Yama-chan’s pants to wo—” the words died in Hikaru’s throat, the air in the room stilling instantly, almost as if all the air had been sucked out, the hair on the back of his neck standing up as his eyes were inexplicably drawn to Ryosuke who was radiating a strange mixture of challenge and anger.

Ryosuke’s eyes were narrowed, his nostrils flaring as his eyes cut over to look down at Yuri’s pants…confused, because…yeah, those were his pants alright, his eyes darting up to find Yuri looking back at him, his expression bashful, almost ashamed but then he shrugged, pushing Ryosuke’s chest, “You calm down,” he looked at Hikaru, “…and you mind your business!”

He walked over to the fluffy loveseat in the corner, plopping unceremoniously down into it, stretching his legs across the seats as he glanced over to see everyone still looking at him, “Actually, that sort of goes for all of you, now that I think about it…just…all of you…”

He waved his arm dismissively, “Stay in your lane.”

Daiki scoffed loudly, his mouth opening but he stopped when Hikaru held his hand up, jerking his head sideways to get him to look at Ryosuke.

Daiki leaned around Hikaru, his eyes catching Ryosuke’s who were dark and stormy, his entire countenance far too hostile and…scary for Daiki to risk saying one of his quips that he’d normally insert into the situation here, rolling his eyes as he sat down in the chair he’d been in before, crossing his arms, just about done with the weird attitudes in high supply around here these days.

He continued to stare at Hikaru, a strange sensation swelling up inside him and then he heard Kei inhale sharply, a loud clicking from his tongue and then a single word that felt almost like it was spoken directly into his mind instead of into his ears, “Don’t.”

Ryosuke’s head snapped to the side to look at Kei, eyes wide, and then he threw his hands up in the air, “DAMN IT!”

Everyone jumped, unsure of what had just happened, but Kei just laughed softly, his expression a knowing smirk as he went back to reading his book.

“What?” Daiki glanced around, curious if anyone else knew what had just happened, but they all seemed just as clueless.

“Yama-chan,” Yuri spoke the name softly, and like he was made specifically to respond, Ryosuke’s head snapped to the side to look at Yuri, his expression immediately softening when Yuri smiled at him, “Come sit with me.”

Ryosuke turned to look at the others, glaring at them, for reasons he really didn’t understand himself as he crossed the room to sit down, moving Yuri’s legs to rest on top of his lap as he continued to stare down the other members.

He blinked rapidly when Yuri snapped his fingers in front of his face, “I said to simmer down! You’re fine, I’m fine, no one is out to get you. This is your family.”

Ryosuke looked at him, nodding, “I lost…”

“Yep,” Yuri shrugged, “I could have told you that!”

“Well, why didn’t you?” Ryosuke frowned, knowing full well Yuri was not lying and he really was going to win.

“You wouldn’t have listened, and you know it.”

Ryosuke shrugged unable to argue with that at all.

“Well,” Kota cleared his throat, wanting to redirect everyone, “Now that that’s settled can we talk setlist please…”

“You are literally wearing his entire outfit,” Hikaru pointed to Yuri’s clothes, leaning forward in his seat, “I mean…you could at least try to be subtle about this…”

Yuri narrowed his eyes, “Who said I care about being subtle?”

“So, you’re admitting that really is Ryosuke’s outfit? His pants, shirt, all of it?” Hikaru wasn’t sure what to think about this, or what to do with the information, glancing around the plane to see if anyone else was listening to their conversation, discovering everyone else either asleep or with headphones on while watching the in-flight movie.

“And if I am?” Yuri challenged.

“We’re going to Taiwan, landing at the airport and they have like a ton of fans going to be there to greet us, along with the press, this is a pretty big deal, you know? You won’t have time to change, and you’re basically walking into that crowd wearing an entire outfit that people will definitely recognize belongs to Yama-chan!”

Hikaru failed to see what Yuri did not understand about this situation, wondering if the bathroom was big enough for Yuri to change into whatever he’d carried in his overnight bag.

“I’m not changing my outfit,” Yuri stated firmly, causing Hikaru to pull back in surprise, opening his mouth to speak, but Yuri held his hand up to stop him, “This is the outfit I brought to wear, I’m wearing it…there’s nothing else to discuss.”

“I just think tha—”

“FOR THE LOVE OF GOD,” Ryosuke ripped the earplugs out of his ear, bolting up so he could lean around Yuri to look at Hikaru who had jumped at the loud noise and movement, “Hikka, to be perfectly honest, you kinda have an unhealthy fascination with Yuri’s pants!”

Hikaru scowled at this, his mouth opening and closing trying to defend himself, but Ryosuke made a dismissive noise in his throat, continuing on, “Not to mention, I mean, seriously, what the fuck do you care if he’s wearing my clothes or not!?”

“I mean…we have to be conscientious about things and I think that it would be wisdom to consider how oth—”

“Look,” Ryosuke interrupted him, “I’m too tired and busy and tired and done with all of this, and fucking tired, to be bothered about what you think about Yuri wearing…”

He leaned back a bit, trying to get a read on what Yuri was actually wearing, his eyes widening as he took in a complete outfit that most certainly was his own, “Damn it, Chinen! Did you take those out of my closet?”

“I most certainly did not,” Yuri scoffed at him, shrugging nonchalantly, “I got them from the laundry service.”

Ryosuke frowned, his eyes fixated on the pants he’d been missing, “I was looking for those pants!”

“They fit me better,” Yuri announced, waiting for Ryosuke to argue, smiling when he merely raised an eyebrow, clearly admitting he was utterly and completely correct in his assessment of which of the two of them wore the pants better.

“I want them back,” Ryosuke said, to which Yuri stood up and made like he was going to take the pants off right then and there.

“For God’s sake,” Ryosuke was exasperated, rolling his eyes at the way Yuri was currently shaking his ass directly in front of him, “Just sit down!” grabbing Yuri’s shirt to drag him back into his seat, “I don’t mean right now—”

“Your loss,” Yuri’s voice was sing-song, tilting his head, smiling beatifically as he batted his eye lashes at him.

Ryosuke stared at him, dumbfounded, his expression blank for a moment, trying to process what Yuri had just said, his mind running into a million different directions, most of them, not anywhere near where his mind should be headed by any stretch of the imagination, his cheeks flaming at the flustered feeling in the pit of his stomach, muttering, “I…It’s…you…just…whatever!”

He flung his arm out, pressing Yuri back against his seat so he had a clear view of Hikaru, intent on redirecting him, but he stopped with his mouth open when he took in his expression.

Hikaru’s face was twisted in a strange look of fascinated horror, like he was watching something terrible but couldn’t tear his eyes away.

“What?” Ryosuke demanded.

“What? What? Yeah, what!? That’s the real question isn’t it!? I want to know right now—what exactly is going on with you two,” Hikaru’s eyes narrowed impossibly further, suspicion tainting his words, “This whole…Alpha thing…are you two…you know?”

“What on earth do you mean?” Ryosuke practically screamed the words, Yuri reaching over to slap his hand across his mouth while Ryosuke pushed firmly against Yuri’s chest when he attempted to sit forward, sighing dramatically when Ryosuke didn’t lower his arm, simply turning his head to study Hikaru as well.

“It’s just…you two…I…”


The three of them turned in unison to look back down the aisle of the plane to where Kei was gesturing for Hikaru to come to sit with him.

“Come here, Hikka,” Kei called out, patting the seat next to him animatedly, his voice almost melodic.

Hikaru didn’t spare Ryosuke or Yuri another glance, jumping up and heading down the aisle, but Ryosuke didn’t miss the smile on Kei’s face when he made eye contact, winking so fast if Ryosuke hadn’t been so hyper fixated on everything thanks to Yuri’s stupidly dumb teasing he might have thought he imagined it.


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