Hello my dearies! It’s kinda funny these two stories are named “Listen”–cause I figure that’s a good title for this…it’s like…okay guys, listen alright? haha

Anyhoo, to ensure that I’m being really transparent, I have had some serious struggles from the beginning about writing reader-insert fics. I’ve talked about it a lot in the past and many of you may remember that I would go through periods where I felt a lot of guilt and such over writing them and maybe them playing a negative role in the fandom and such. 

I have spent a lot of time in introspection and I have decided that I don’t actually LIKE very many of my reader-insert fics. Since I am going through the trouble of preparing them to be put onto my website, I have decided to rewrite them when I can to be NOT reader-insert but either a Jump SHIP or an OC where a SHIP won’t fit. 

Not gonna lie…I’m high on Yamachii–so you know, most of them are likely to be them BUT honestly, if there were one you really would like me to write for another pairing, feel free to let me know! I’m open to it! Moving forward I likely won’t take any requests or anything for fics that are reader-insert, but I will gladly write SHIP fics or OC ones. 

I really realized that I couldn’t in good concious just delete these stories as they represent requests from each of you and I would honor your faith and love for me by putting them back up, but at the same time, I want to LOVE what I am putting up–thus the compromise of putting up both versions, the one that is insert fic and the ones that I really wanted to write. I hope this makes sense! 

Eventually, I really want to get back to interacting and enjoying each other–but things are challenging and I feel really weird these days so I am doing the best I can with where we are. I pray with all my heart that you are all staying SAFE and are protected and happy and letting Jump be a source of healing for you. That’s definitely where I am these days!

Sendings lots and lots of love and squishes to all of you today and always!

Juliet <3

I’m so glad you are here! I feel like I’m welcoming you to my home! haha I know that you have lots of different things in the world that compete for your time and attention so trust me when I say that I do not take your presence or support lightly! I am so very thankful for you! I hope you enjoy your time here and my stories!

Check out the tab below for some information on different ways you can use the site and if you think I should add anything or you have questions for sure just get in touch with me!

Squishes and lots of love! <3


First, thank you for visiting my site! I’m SO glad you’re here!

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